About Me

Hunt N Shack was a consultant between the Landowners & Sportsmen. We compiled information from the landowners & their needs then we matched those requirements with the needs of the sportsmen.
Each rental was exclusive for the group and the cost was on a per acre basis. Once Hunt N Shack found a lease for a group they were interested in we scheduled a time for the group to meet the landowner and see the farm.

Hunt N Shack was started in 1996 by Patrick Gaffney when he saw an opportunity to provide a service to both landowners and sportsman.
He wanted to give the sportsman the ability to have a great hunt without the hassle and expense of searching out and buying property or hiring an outfitter. At the same time, he saw that his service could benefit the landowner by providing an extra income. The service has been a great success and is applauded by huntsman and landowners alike.

We’ve left the business of consulting, and moved into producing hunting tips and providing hunting news. We hope you will enjoy our new site and learn more about the fun sport of hunting.