Adventure Bowhunting: Survival Gear That Could Save Your Life

Aside from needing stitches on a couple of occasions and experiencing a handful of scary “where-the-heck-am-I?” moments, I’ve been quite fortunate in the outdoors. Most of us are, to be sincere.

From likelihood encounters with venomous snakes to negotiating sheer cliffs to carrying sharp sticks up mountainsides, the prospective dangers for the adventurous bowhunter are several.

These, of course, are all outdoors dangers and don’t incorporate the little time bombs inside our bodies that could go off at any moment—including those moments when you are six miles from the nearest trailhead and a lifetime away from the nearest cell tower.

Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 emergency hunting

Treestand falls and mountainside tumbles are all very good causes bowhunters need to carry a item like Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3.

The odds are low that something will go seriously incorrect, just like when we drive down the road to choose up our kids at daycare. Even so, realizing that we are most likely secure does not maintain us from fastening our seatbelts in that situation, just as knowing that each and every time we set foot in the woods we’ll probably make it property just fine doesn’t excuse becoming prepared for the one time when it shakes out all incorrect.

Backcountry Lifesaver
Anybody traveling into significant backcountry, no matter whether we’re speaking Arizona or Alaska, wants to have a way to communicate with emergency services. This may well involve carrying a satellite phone, or these days, a SPOT Gen3 from Globalstar — a organization that produces a litany of helpful outside goods such as some handy tracking devices.

The set-it-and-forget-it Gen3 operates on 4 AAA batteries and can be programmed to send a continually updating record of your tracks. If you select the Limitless Tracking route, you can opt to send your tracks each and every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes as extended as your Gen3 is on and you are moving. Opt for “Extreme Tracking”, and you can differ your track price to send as typically as every single 2 1/2 minutes.

Of course, the Gen3 can do more than track your progress through grizzly country. It can also contact support for you with the push of a button, must you run into a feisty, cub-protecting sow or take a bone-busting tumble. By means of GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center, this handy little device will provide your GPS coordinates to 9-1-1 responders.

Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 hunting emergency

If there is a serious health-related emergency whilst bowhunting the backcountry, you’ll require a way to make contact with the correct solutions and let them know exactly where you are.

You can also merely verify in with the Gen3 (the device will send a text message and your GPS coordinates or an e-mail with a link to Google maps displaying your location) to let your loved ones know that you are performing okay regardless of getting well away from cell service. With a retail price of $ 170 and a weight of only four ounces, there are very few causes to not carry a Gen3 on your bowhunting adventures.

Connected Anyplace, Anytime
It’s quite widespread for a group of hunters to rent a satellite phone for far-flung, bucket-list hunts. Even though that’s a great concept, it might not be needed any longer thanks to the SPOT Global Telephone. At $ 500, this phone is inexpensive enough to split in between a few members of your bowhunting celebration and it’s actually low-cost insurance.

Globalstar’s SPOT for hunting backcountry

The SPOT Global Telephone performs off of satellite technologies so you can telephone from anyplace at any time.

The Global Phone operates off of one hundred-percent satellite technologies which means you can connect to family, close friends or emergency solutions from literally anyplace in the world.

Measuring a shade more than 5 inches tall and two inches wide, this 7.1-ounce telephone is perfect for extended trips to the regions least traveled. To make sure you’ll be able to connect when it matters most, the International Phone operates off of a lithium-ion battery that can give up to four hours of talk time, or 36 hours on standby.

A Secure Investment
We often view goods like the Gen3 or the International Phone as a necessity only for hunters who board planes to fly to distant destinations. Surely, they want a way to remain connected, but what about you? Personally, getting grown up in the Upper Midwest, I’ve constantly felt like I have been quite safe in the woods. When I started hunting the correct massive woods of the North Nation in my home state of Minnesota and across the river in Wisconsin, even so, that changed.

Globalstar’s SPOT save your life

Even though you are possibilities of becoming bit by a poisonous snake even though hunting in the backcountry are slim, a satellite phone, like the SPOT Global Phone, can be a lifesaver.

There is no location I know of exactly where it is less complicated to get lost than when you are slogging via tamarack swamps and the comparatively flat, thick, no-higher-point-in-sight locations where swamp bucks and ruffed grouse thrive. Ditto for the hunter setting out in the Adirondacks at 1st light or the Deep South bowhunter looking to fill his tag properly off of the beaten path.

Cell service in these regions and countless other people might be iffy at very best, and whilst you must always carry a GPS unit (and an old-fashioned compass) to mark waypoints and uncover your way house, it is worth carry further insurance coverage. Soon after all, the GPS does not do you considerably great if you fall from a treestand and snap each ankles or happen to stumble into a testy water moccasin’s sleeping quarters and require help from emergency responders.

Globalstar SPOT Gen3 for emergency

We often feel like it can’t happen, until it does. Becoming ready with the right gear is the best way to ensure that you will see your loved ones again.

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