Tools Employed Around The Farm

Here on the farm in rural Southeast Texas, I discover myself using certain tools on a standard basis.  Whether it is taking up an old livestock fence, cleaning brush or cutting down trees, there are specific tools that I preserve going back to.

Perhaps it is due to the fact I am performing particular tasks over and more than?  Maybe it is simply because the tools are crucial to life in a rural region?

Regardless of the cause, let’s speak about life on a rural farm.


Leather steel toed function boots – Beginning from the ground up, a great pair of function boots are invaluable.   Even although they are not snake proof, they are far better than nothing at all against ankle biters like copper heads and coral snakes.

When walking via dense brush, the boots shield the ankles from stickers and other ankle jabbers.

Running the tractor, boots defend the ankles from limbs, vines, stickers and flying debris.

Jeans – Very good heavy denim jeans support protect your legs from all sorts of stuff.

Carhart shirt – I choose brief sleeved shirts in the summer, and have paid the cost with reduce arms.  A good operate shirt is as crucial as every little thing else.

Wide brimmed hat – I choose a boonie hat over the common baseball cap.  The wide brim keeps the sun out my eyes better than a baseball cap and protects the prime of the ears.

Males tend to create skin cancer in the exact same place.  That is on the lips, nose, prime of the ears and back of the neck.  A wide brim hat protects these locations far better than a baseball cap.

Function gloves – Very good top quality leather perform gloves.  Your hands will thank you for it later.

Hand tools

Chainsaw – This involves the scrench and file.  A good high quality chainsaw such as a Husqvarna or Stihl is a have to have on any farm.

Large saw for cutting down a tree, and then a smaller saw for delimbing.  Delimbing signifies to cut the limbs of the tree off after it has been cut down.

Bolt cutters – When cutting fence there is absolutely nothing like using bolt cutters.

Post hole diggers – An auger is good, but not everyone has that luxury.  Post hole digger might be slow, but they function.

Come along – No matter whether it is stretching fence or picking up something heavy, a come along is a tool that I use on a semi-regular basis around the farm.

A couple of weeks ago my oldest son and I utilized a come along and a red oak tree to unload a tractor mounted log splitter from the back of a truck.

Axe and maul – Some factors just can not be replaced.  The oldest axe found so far dates back to 50,000 years ago.  Axes have been used by individuals for tens of thousands of years and nothing at all is going to adjust that.

Sledge hammer – When some thing will not move, time to grab the hammer.  Four and eight pound hammers are a have to have.

Special mentions

Hand tools

We could go on all day about stuff utilised on a farm.  Other examples include a tiller, tractor, disk, plow… but these a seasonal.

Log splitter, this tends to make life so considerably less complicated than using a hammer, wedge and splitting maul.  Not everybody has a use for a log splitter though.

Hand tools, your typical wrenches, sockets and pliers.  This should be a provided.  Hand tools are like toys to guys.  We just can’t get enough of them.

There is an old saying:

What is the distinction in between guys and boys?

The price of their toys.

Meals Chain Also Big To Fail

There is an eye opening create up on The Guardian about our meals chain – The supermarket food gamble may be up. The report discusses how developed nations all over the world depend on inexpensive labor and dwindling resources to maintain grocery retailer shelves.

In 2002, meals writer Joanna Blythman coined the phrase “Permanent Global Summer season Time”, which implies regardless of the season, grocery stores are packed with fresh fruits and vegetables only grown in the summer.

The current program is unsustainable.


With the innovation of technology, grocery stores and warehouses no longer depended on locally grown food.  The World wide web provided companies with the potential to see actual time sales and inventory.

Small regional farmers no longer sell their crops to grocery shops.  The sales are wrapped up in contracts with big businesses.  Companies who have the resources to import meals from anyplace in the planet.

Individuals have turn out to be accustomed to acquiring a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables year round.  This has forced businesses to compete in order to supply the freshest foods from all over the world with little thought about the global influence.

Carbon Footprint

Moving food from one particular nation to another comes with a big value, and that price tag is the carbon footprint.  For example, there is a net loss of 126 calories of fuel for every single head of iceberg lettuce Britain imports from California.

Food production is dependent on fossil fuels.  Everything from the production of fertilizer to cooking is dependent on non-renewable energy sources.

Developing nations are clear cutting rain forest and turning the land into farms.

Low cost Labor

The production of our meals provide chain is dependent on desperate migrant workers.  The workers typically come from poor nations riddled with intense poverty.  They are prepared to do difficult manual labor for hours on finish for even the most modest of wages.

It is these desperate workers that our meals chain is constructed on.  Any try to unionize is opposed by these in search of to defend earnings over men and women.

Existing Food Chain Unsustainable

Developed nations simply can not ignore the environmental and human effects of expanding our food in far away nations.  Rather than telling consumers no, that fruit is out of season, companies contribute to pollution and exploit inexpensive foreign labor.

The simple solution is to bring the nearby farmer back into the grocery store.  Grow regional, buy nearby, and consume locally grown foods.

Nations would nonetheless import certain foods that can not be grown locally, but pollution and exploitation of low wage workers would be greatly decreased.

The Guns of Ghost and the Darkness

It is constantly intriguing to see the firearms utilized in numerous movies, specifically the really handful of that depict stories of hunting adventures. The 1996 film The Ghost and the Darkness is based on the book The Man-eaters of Tsavo, by John Patterson. The book and the film give a accurate account of lion attacks in Tsavo, Kenya during the 1898 building of a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River.

The major actor playing the portion of John Henry Patterson is Val Kilmer as the military building engineer sent to design and style and supervise the bridge building. Michael Douglas (the anti-gunner) depicts a PH, specialist hunter, also contracted to dispatch the lions that have been attacking the construction workers, killing over 100 workers during the siege.

The firearms employed by actors Kilmer and Douglas amongst other individuals was a curious collection of rifles and other guns of the occasions. Main on the list of two rifles employed by the lion hunters was a bolt action Birmingham Lee-Speed Sporter employed by Kilmer probably chambered for the .303 British round. He also utilised with out good results a loaned Farguharson rifle (a foundation design for the Ruger No. 1 a lot later on) probably chambered for the .400 Nitro Express, a favored African big game cartridge.

The PH Douglas ironically going by the name of Remington utilized a classic double rifle which was almost certainly a Holland and Holland double, utilizing either the .450 or .500 Nitro Express. The double rifle is well known as a very conventional African big game gun capable of taking any game animal on the Dark Continent.

Generally manufactured nearly by hand, the double rifles by the likes of H&ampH, Wesley-Richards, Purdey and other British rifle homes, are among the most finely produced guns in the globe with prices to reflect this refinement. These days, some of these classic doubles can fetch six figures new, or as collectable auction home guns.

Another most fascinating gun used by Remington was the Howdah double-barreled pistol with external hammers garnered its name from the basket riding atop elephants in India. Hunters would ride in these baskets and had been typically attacked by tigers, hence the want for a potent close range gun.

Other guns utilised in this film incorporated the Martini-Henry rifle, the Snider Enfield Carbines, and a 12 gauge shotgun often wielded by Samuel, the native project overseer. If you have never noticed this film, I encourage you to view this classic hunting story making use of classic firearms.

Evaluation: CroMagnon Humanoid “Self-Healing” 3D Targets

CroMagnon Targets are modular polymer facsimiles of genuine humans, solid and three-dimensional. They can absorb thousands of rounds of non-expanding bullets or buckshot. High wear items (i.e. heads) may be replaced separately. Offered in green and yellow, they are meant to represent generic human male and female targets for use as either foe, hostage, or bystander.


A variety of t-shirts are presented along with them, and of course the targets can be dressed in any old garments or rags, such as camouflage to make them much more difficult to spot. The realistic nature of the faces assists situation defenders who might be unused to firing at something other than stylized paper or featureless steel.


Considering that the polymer doesn’t lead to ricochets, firing may possibly be done safely even at speak to distance. At present, the targets are moved around on a two-wheel cart with a trail, but an armored motorized remote controlled base is in the final development stages.


Once animated, these targets add considerably to realism. With no it, hits on target are not apparent, the “opponent” may not fall right after a single or two hits, and it moves unpredictably.


Different personas and scenarios are feasible, and shoot/no shoot markers in the form of cell phones, guns, knives and other objects might be attached. Even though they’re not low-cost, these targets are incredibly sturdy and should be long-lasting. As opposed to steel, they may be safely shot up close without requiring frangible bullets. Unlike paper, they are 3-dimensional and give a better understanding of how targeting of vitals functions.


We “know” from films that shotgun blasts knock targets off their feet and make them fly back 3 to five yards. Physics class memories argue that it’s unlikely. Taking a 120-pound 3D polymer target and whacking it with many swarms of buckshot tends to make liars of Hollywood unique effects teams. We attempted the same shots with rifles and identified even significantly less movement of the target.


The back of the 3D mannequin looked pockmarked, but it didn’t even feel of falling over. It appears that the films may have exaggerated the quantity of push imparted by little arms projectiles.

Hunting Accidents and Security

It was a not very good month for hunting accidents in Mississippi. Since the very first of final January there had been two fatal hunting accidents within the Delta National Forest north of Vicksburg. A single accident was during a deer hunt and the second was in the course of a waterfowl hunt, obviously not connected. Each accidents are nevertheless under investigation by the state wildlife officials.

The 1st tragic hunting accident occurred during a father-son deer hunt in the national forest. Each hunters have been out-of-state residents of Louisiana. The Delta National Forest is a popular hunting place for all kinds of hunting like deer hunting and exceptional duck hunting, so lots of hunters can be found within the area throughout open seasons.

Certain information have not been released on the deer hunting incident, but the father allegedly accidentally shot his son during the deer hunt. As taught for the duration of all hunter education classes, 1 of the major guidelines of gun hunting is to positively recognize the target ahead of releasing the safety to shoot. By no means shoot at movements, shadows or other targets that have not been identified.

Also when hunting with higher powered deer rifles, make certain of what lies beyond the target you are shooting at. In no way knowingly shoot if there could be a farmhouse, vehicles, or other hunters in an location downrange of your position. Do not climb into a tree stand with a loaded weapon and hold your finger off the trigger until you are definitely prepared to shoot.

Numerous deer hunting accidents occur when a hunter blunders a movement or bush shaking or a sound in the woods for a game animal when it could be an additional hunter. This is an additional explanation to usually put on necessary hunter orange hunting garments to alert other folks of your presence in the woods. In most states at least 500 square inches of uninterrupted orange is to be worn. This most frequently means an orange jacket or vest and an orange hunting hat or cap.

In another hunting accident duck hunters were overturned in their duck hunting boat when striking a stump in a flooded lake prior to daylight. Initial reports indicated that the hunters did not have any lights or PFD life jackets on at the time of the incident.

One particular of the young duck hunters falling out of the boat apparently had his wader boots fill with water causing him to sink in the deep lake water resulting in a drowning. Once more, duck hunters need to wear life vests and use other safety procedures to move safely in the dark in a duck boat.

Sea Foam Combats Ethanol Fuel Negatives

Say what you want about ethanol fuels, but they can ruin gasoline engines. This is specifically correct with little engines like outboard motors, lawn equipment, and ATVs. What occurs more than time is that the ethanol gums up the carburetors, fuel lines, filters, and other components. Time to fight back.

A couple of years ago my aging 2000 Honda 450ES ATV started to turn into challenging to commence and remain running. Even choking the engine did not begin it up quickly. Letting it run a handful of minutes to “warm up” was no assure either. Placing it in gear would usually merely kill the engine.

Somebody in camp asked if I was running ethanol. Properly, of course, non-ethanol fuel was nearly not possible to discover. They told me about a fuel additive called Sea Foam, so I attempted it out. They warned me it would take a couple of tanks of fuel to get things straightened out.

So, got a can of the Sea Foam at the nearby auto parts retailer and added the recommended amount to the ATV fuel tank numerous occasions over the hunting season. Gradually but surely, I could tell this additive was creating a difference. When the season ended, I added far more when I essentially place the ATV in garage storage. Even then, I would crank it up at least after a month.

The following season, the Honda roared right into full energy. Admittedly, by this time I discovered a gas station locally that provided non-ethanol fuel, so I got a five-gallon can and am using that now along with Sea Foam. In all respects the Honda is back. It begins with one pull of the choke, and stays running, smoothly.

Sea Foam is a petroleum item so it is safe for all two-four cycle engines, seals, O-rings, fuel lines, gas program sensors, and other fuel method components in gasoline and diesel engines. So, if you have a rough operating or beginning gas or diesel engine that has been making use of ethanol fuel, then attempt some Sea Foam.

And just to be politically incorrect, not only does ethanol fuel result in difficulties in gas engines, this corn origin additive also requires this crucial resource out of the meals cycle. Less corn for cattle feed, and other food sources, causes your beef and other food expenses to rise. It is a double whammy of negative impacts to our economy.

When Eggs Are Left In The Chicken Home

Oops, I forgot to collect the eggs.  It happens to everyone who has chickens.  We forget to make the rounds from time to time.  We take a weekend trip, go on getaway or go to Grandma’s residence for Christmas.

Based on the time of year and temperature, this could not be a huge deal, other instances it is.

A lot of the answer depends on place, size of the flock, size of the chicken yard, are the chickens confined, do they free of charge variety, are the chickens in a rural or urban region?

Rotten Eggs

In summer time, eggs can spoil rather speedily.  If an egg has been fertilized by a rooster, they will start to develop when temperatures attain around 99 – one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.  Or say, July and August daytime temps in some places.

Want to talk about gross?  Crack an egg for morning breakfast and a partially created embryo comes out, or it is complete of blood rather than a yoke.

When eggs begin to rot, gases build up inside.  Rather than cracking, they explode.  One that is quite rotten will have a foul order to it.  When it explodes, it will sound like a 22 caliber rifle.  The stench will linger for hours, regardless of how a lot of occasions you wash with soap and water.

Hiding The Nest

Some chickens will hide them.  Just because laying boxes are in the chicken house does not imply all the hens are going to use them. When it comes to laying, chickens are some strange creatures.  Even even though they have laying boxes available and a chicken property, they will sneak off and lay a bunch of eggs.

At times a hen will hide her eggs so she can hatch them out.

At times a hen will lay a bunch of eggs and leave them to rot.

One of my hens was walking around two hundred yards from the chicken property to lay a batch. She created this trip nearly day-to-day for around ten – 14 days. I saw her generating the trip and was wondering what she was carrying out. Right after seeking about, I located her eggs below a tarp. She seemed to have abandoned the nest and has not gone back.

Freezing Temperatures

This has not happened to me as it hardly ever gets under freezing for extremely extended here in Southeast Texas.

Exactly where the temperature stays below freezing for extended enough, the egg will freeze and the shell will crack. When it thaws, the yoke seeps by means of the cracks, which tends to make a mess.

Broody Hens

For some cause, leaving eggs in the chicken property will make some breeds go broody.

Broody is when a hen enters a mothering phase. She will sit on the eggs hoping to hatch them. The hen will cease laying and will focus all of her time and power to sitting. She will only get up extended adequate to relieve herself, eat, drink and then back on the nest she goes

Chicken farmers who want eggs do not like broody hens as they cease laying although sitting. If all someone wants is egg production, a broody hen is frowned upon.

One particular way to avoid a hen from going broody is to keep the eggs collected.


Leaving eggs in the chicken house has the possible to draw in predators such as raccoons and chicken snakes.

I have identified some of my eggs close to 150 yards away from the chicken home broken open and eaten.  This is typically accomplished by a raccoon.

Chicken snakes, often named a rat snake, will consume eggs and infant chicks. Complete grown chickens are not the menu. Snakes will slither into the chicken house around dusk, swallow whatever they can, then slither back outside to their hiding place.

Not A Straightforward Answer

When a person asks what occurs when the eggs are not collected for a few days, the answer is not as straightforward as it seems.

If you want to do your portion to maintain predators out of the chicken residence, keep the eggs collected.

If you want hens to go broody, leave some in a certain nest. I like my hens to go broody. That indicates less chicks I have to get next year.

Overall, collecting the eggs day-to-day improves the hygiene of the chicken home.

The “Light Side” Of Fishing Pliers

Here’s a new and novel way to make utilizing fishing pliers easier in poor light situations. MadBite’s new and unique MadBrite Lighted Fishing Pliers allow anglers to concentrate a bright beam of light directly on a fish for de-hooking or for other angling work.

MadBite’s MadBrite complete-sized 7.5 inch hardened aluminum alloy pliers function an ultra-bright 18000 millicandela LED bulb that focuses an incredibly vibrant beam of light directly on the job.

Produced of durable hardened aluminum alloy, the spring loaded six.five-ounce lighted fishing plier’s precision jaws feature a split ring tool, replaceable tungsten carbide braided fishing line cutters, crimpers, non-slip silicone grip handles, and stainless steel saltwater corrosion resistant components.

These pliers eliminate the need to have to hold a flashlight during nighttime fishing, which can quicken catch and release.  The LED light turns on and off with a twist.

Cost-effective MadBite MadBrite lighted pliers do away with bulky head lamps or obtaining to hold a flashlight in your teeth.  A bonus is that the light is focused directly on the job so there’s significantly less possibility of shining a light on the water and spooking fish.

MadBite MadBrite lighted fishing pliers use effortlessly replaceable and readily offered LR41 batteries and are incorporated with the tool.  MadBrite 7.5 inch lighted pliers have an In-Retailer Retail Price tag of $ 47.98 and an On-Line Direct Value of $ 32.98.

They are offered online in a variety of colors at, and other on-line retailers.

Searching Forward To 2017 Hunting Season

Deer hunting season is almost more than in various states across the nation.  Here in southeast Texas, the late 2016 youth and muzzle loader season begins January 2nd and runs by way of January 15th.

For a lot of sportsmen, there is a lull between the finish of hunting season and spring fishing season or beginning a spring garden.  The climate is cold, the hunting season is more than, so a lot of sportsmen opt to stay inside and watch television.

The period between the finish of hunting season and spring is probably the best time to start off organizing for next fall.

Beat The Heat

A lot of deer hunters wait until summer time to move their stands and feeders. July and August are the hottest months of the year, bugs are out, it is just hot and miserable.  With the heat comes dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Why would any individual want to function in 90 and one hundred degree heat, when they can operate on a cool winter or spring day?

If the area exactly where you usually hunt is snowed in, then get out there as quickly as the snow melts.  Across the southern part of the United States, snow is not normally a difficulty.

Fresh Memories

Rather than waiting months to move a stand or feeder, do it although memories are nonetheless fresh.  Did you see a buck and say to your self, “Next year I am going to move the stand down by that creek!”  Why wait till subsequent season?  Go ahead and move that stand as quickly as you can!

Foliage changes between fall and summer time.  Things may not appear the exact same when you come back in six or seven months.

Go ahead and put the trail cameras out, go scouting, take photos and make mental notes.  Maybe record some videos with the cell telephone talking about what you would like to do next season.

Put those memories to use while the are fresh.

Winter VS Summer

Items appear different in fall and winter than they do in summer season.  Leaves alter color and fall from the trees.  If you set your stand up in late fall and early spring, you have an idea of how issues will look in fall and winter of the following year.

In summer season, every little thing is in complete bloom.

On December 30, 2016 my oldest son and I walked about the property and talked about where to put a deer hunting stand for next year.  With significantly less vegetation than in summer time, it was less difficult to stroll by way of the dense underbrush.  We figured out a good location for the stand.  In the subsequent few weeks we are going to use the tractor to brush hog a shooting lane and where to place the deer stand and feeder.  During late winter, we will set everything up.

Hunting Is Year Round

Deer hunting is a year round obsession.  Just simply because the season is over does not mean you have to wait several months to head out to the woods.

Go back out to the woods as soon as achievable.  Instead of last minute plans, commence setting stuff up months ahead of time.  If nothing else, a lot of states have open season on wild hogs.  Maybe you will see some wild hogs and get lucky.

Overview: Glacier Stainless Microlite 500 Vacuum Bottle

Drinking is critical. We of the outdoors globe know this, which is why so several water bottles and Camelbak-style bladders are sold to us each and every year. We have several options of containers from which to sip and slurp our beverages of choice.

Enter the Glacier Stainless Microlite 500 lightweight, packable vacuum bottle. This is a nice-looking drinking bottle that stays slim even though providing the insulation benefits of a stainless steel vacuum bottle (believe Thermos, Yeti, and so forth). In my experience, it insulates quite well… but it is not that wonderful to drink from, and it demands a far more-secure latch.


  • Double-wall stainless vacuum bottle keeps cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot.
  • Flip-top lid signifies there’s no parts to shed (like a thermos lid/cup, for instance).
  • Slim design and style indicates it fits water bottle pockets/holders on packs and such.


  • Made in China.
  • Requirements a far better lock for the prime latch — it flooded my hunting pack with hot coffee.
  • Dispenses slowly you can not get a very good hearty swig.
  • Cleaning can be a hassle.

My Overview

I was favorably impressed when I received this bottle, and I liked the flip top and its lock, and the general top quality. So I took it apart and washed it up according to directions, which is not a huge deal but a bit of a hassle. “Always separate and clean lid spout, O-ring, and stopper seal,” says the directions, and in the finish you have four parts of the lid to wash, keep track of, and reassemble.

When the time came for a road trip to Colorado from Florida and back, I grabbed the GSI bottle. And it kept my soda cold for a good whilst, but somehow I constantly wanted far more of a swig than the little dispensing hole gives. Bummer.

Later in the trip, my buddy stepped on it… let’s just say that it won’t stand up to 250 pounds. Oops! But I got a replacement simply enough.

In further testing, I found that I nonetheless didn’t consider it dispensed beverage rapidly sufficient — but the final blow came when I filled it with coffee one particular cold morning, cautiously locked the lid shut, slipped it into my pack and headed to a deer stand to hunt.

Now, this wasn’t a lengthy hike probably significantly less than 200 yards. But when I got to the stand, I opened my pack to discover the bottle’s lid hanging wide open, half of its contents possessing been dispensed onto every thing inside of my pack.

The most woeful loss was my rangefinder, which thereafter refused to operate. Argh!

As I said, that was fairly much the final blow. A drinking bottle that won’t supply me with a good mouthful of my drink — but which will open itself and spew all more than my gear — is simply not for me.

That mentioned, it does have excellent insulation properties, and I identified it to stay cold or hot just fine.

(Photo: GSI Outdoors)

(Photo: GSI Outdoors)

Manufacturer Specs

  • Stays hot or cold up to 8 hours.
  • Thin walls are only 2mm, thinner than some single-wall plastic bottles.
  • 18/8 stainless steel.
  • Pushbutton, flip-prime cap locks closed.
  • Spring holds cap open for drinking.
  • Capacity: 500 ml (16.9 fluid ounces)
  • Weight: 7.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 9.2″ tall, 2.6″ diameter at base
  • six colors accessible: black, red, blue, stainless, orange, and funky green.
  • Item quantity: 67115 (black)
  • MSRP: $ 25.95


The GSI Glacier Stainless Microlite 500 bottle looks nice and holds heat or cold well (unless it gets stepped on), and need to perform effectively if you like to sip your drinks and you do not need the lid to lock securely. But for $ 26, I believe you can almost certainly do much better.