Pest Manage For The Chicken Property

The chicken home is a prime target for all sorts of pests.  Depending on your location, these could include opossum, raccoon, snakes, mink, skunk, rats and mice, just to name a few.

Some chicken houses are fairly secure, some are open to something that makes its way in.  How secure the chicken home depends on building.

Some pest can chew through a wall, some slither in and some need a excellent size entrance.

Chicken House Style

My very first chicken house, back in the 1980s, was a lean-to off the side of a shed.  I had problems with all sorts of predators.  Late one evening I went out to collect eggs and did not bring a flashlight.  When I reached in to feel for the eggs, I grabbed a chicken snake.  In the matter of a few nights, a mink killed all of my ducks.

The second chicken property was three feet off the ground, had a hardware cloth floor, plywood walls and a tin roof.  The entrance was a ladder door that was closed at evening.  In the two years I utilised that chicken house, I did not drop a single chicken.

The third chicken house is sixteen feet by sixteen feet square, sits on the ground, dirt floor, has an open entrance that goes into the chicken yard and a complete sized door, which I use to enter the chicken house.  So far, I have lost three or four chickens to opossums and a bunch of eggs to raccoons.


The only way to hold rodents out of the chicken property is for it to be completely screened in at ground level, or have some type of metal shielding such as tin of flashing.  Wooden walls can be chewed by means of.

Mice and rats go into the home at night and eat the chicken feed.

For the most element, mice pose small dilemma to chickens and chicks.  Rats on the other hand will kill a chicken or chick.

For catching rats, I use a modest reside trap.  NEVER put rat poison out and never use a classic style rat trap.

I take the rats several miles away from my house and drop them off in a rural region.  A coyote, bobcat or owl will make a meal out of them.


A chicken snake, aka rat snake, can get into the chicken property through a hole about the size of a half dollar, or maybe significantly less.  I saw a 4 foot long chicken snake squeeze through a space only a half inch wide and about two inches lengthy.

Chicken snake

Chicken snakes can be your pal, or they can be a pest.  They eat rats and mice, but they also eat chicks and eggs.  If you suspect there is a snake visiting the chicken property, verify at sundown.  Twilight is when most chicken snakes are on the move.

I normally take a hoe to the chicken house, pin the snakes head down, grab it, and either release it a lengthy way from the chicken residence or kill it.

If I see a chicken snake near the chicken yard, I generally leave it alone.  They are helpful in maintaining rats and mice below control.

Four Legged Critters

Opossums and minks will kill every little thing from chicks to adult chickens by eating the head.  I have had opossums attain by means of a cage and claw at the chicks in an try to grab them

Raccoons and skunks are typically egg thieves, but have been known to sometimes kill a chicken.

Cats will kill young chicks and chicks that are a number of months old.

I use a Havahart live trap to catch 4 legged critters. Never use a foothold trap where chickens can get into it.  Over the years I have caught many chickens and a couple of guineas in the live traps.  They have been all released unharmed.

Safety Initial

When it comes to dealing with pests, the chickens’ security comes very first.  This means no poison, no rat traps, no foot hold traps, absolutely nothing that can harm the chickens.

If you suspect a predator is going around the chicken residence, set up a wildlife camera.  The photos should give you an concept of what you are dealing with.

Deer Season Is Almost Over, Very good!!

Deer season is a fantastic time of year.  Temperatures begin to cool off, days grow shorter, deer start off moving, children get out of college for the holidays, and families make memories at the deer camp.

What is there not to like about hunting season?  For folks living in rural regions, hunting season is not all entertaining and games. There are strangers driving around the back roads where people live, trash is left on the roads, deer carcasses are dropped off on the roads, and rifles are becoming sighted in, just to name a few.

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about a handful of of the important concerns.

Firearm Security

If there is one particular issue that unnerves rural dwellers more than anything, it is the sound of a person nearby shooting a rifle.  We discover to recognize the sound of gunfire.  Pop, handgun boom, 20 gauge ka-boom 12 gauge ka-pow, huge rifle.

Do the individuals shooting know what is beyond their target?  Did they scout beyond their target, or did they just set it up and commence firing rounds?

Is the deer stand facing a secure path?  Do the hunters know what is beyond the tree line?  Is there a farm back there?  How about a property?  Possibly livestock?


With each and every hunting season there is an boost in trash on the back roads.  This is normally beer cans, plastic ice bags, deer corn bags, cardboard beer boxes, and something that can blow out of the back of the truck.

Litter on rural road

Then there is the stuff that falls out of the truck and the men and women either do not see or are as well lazy to pick it up.

Some hunters lease hunting land just a little techniques from my residence.  Exactly where one guy parks, there is a plastic ice bag and other trash on the ground.  1 of the pieces of trash is labeled with a gas station brand-name.  There is not a gas station with that name within one hundred hundred miles of here.

Towards the end of hunting season I generally make a trip down the nearby back roads and choose up a lot of the trash.  If the locals do not pick it up, we have to appear at it.

Deer Carcasses

If the trash was not sufficient, there are hunters who dump the butchered deer carcass near houses.  They can not take the deer carcass and drop it off a small additional down the road where nobody lives?

Deer carcass on rural road

Often my dogs will bring a deer leg back to the house.  Or the dogs or coyotes will drag the deer carcass into the middle of the road.  Then you either have to drive around it, or stop the truck, get out, and drag the stinking deer carcass to the side of the road.

Let’s not neglect the stench.  Would you like somebody dropping off deer carcasses on your road for virtually three months?  Yea, I do not like it either.

A lot of instances, the deer carcass is stuffed into a plastic garbage bag. The carcass and bag are dumped off on the side of the road.

Deer Season Respect

It boils down to respect.  When hunters drive out to rural areas, they should hold in thoughts they are guests in these communities.

Would you throw trash down on your buddies’ road?  Then why do I have trash on the road going to my home?

Deer season is a wonderful time of year.  Let’s not spoil it for folks who reside near exactly where you hunt.

Do Not Overlook Late Season Bucks

Most hunters are gung-ho and want to be in the woods as soon as season opens.  There is practically nothing incorrect with early season hunting.  We get out of the home and get to enjoy nature.    We see summer season give way to fall 1st hand.  Weather turns cooler and days develop shorter.

Hunters look so forward to hunting season, they generally get burned out by the middle of the season or so.  Christmas and New Years concumes a lot of our time.  Deer hunting becomes significantly less essential as Christmas and New Years arrive.

There are some great factors that occur as the season draws to an finish.  Hunting pressure is decreased, less men and women in the woods, and the rut draws to an finish.

Hunting Stress

In the months major up to hunting season, there is noticeable improved activity on hunting lands.  Hunters are setting up stands and feeders.  Some people are clearing ATV trails.  Some hunters bring tractors to plant meals plots, such as, turnips, oats and rye grass.

On opening weekend, there are all sorts of trucks, trailers, ATVs, smells, and movements in hunting areas that deer are not utilised to.  Combine that with with bucks looking for does (female deer) to mate with, deer are stressed.

Significantly less People

As the season progresses and holidays take up a lot more of our time, there are significantly less hunters in the woods.  This indicates less noise, and fewer smells.

On public hunting lands this can make a huge distinction.  For the initial two months of deer season there could be individuals in camping websites that access public hunting lands each day.

There is a place on the Angelina River in Jasper Texas that I like to go camping at.  The camping internet sites are on public hunting land.  From October to December, the camping sties are booked full.  This signifies men and women are going into the woods from these sites just about each day for nearly two months.

Right after Thanksgiving factors start to ease up and deer are significantly less stressed.

Rut Draws To Finish

Whitetail does have a cycle when they are fertile, this is called estrus.  The cycle for whitetail deer typically starts in October, runs for 28 days, then repeats till the doe is bred.  While the doe is in estrus, the buck is in rut.  When the buck is in rut, all he wants to do is mate.

Although bucks are chasing does that are in estrus, neither the doe or the buck get much rest or take time to eat.

By the time rut is over, bucks have lost weight and are tired.  They are drawn to food, acorns, feeders, food plots, what ever is obtainable in late December and early January.

Do Not Underestimate Late Season

With the rut over, bucks are not fighting and are buddies again.  Several bucks will collect about meals plots to feast and hopefully regain the weight lost in the rut.

Deer return to their regular trails and feeding locations.  If you spotted a deer on a trail camera prior to rut, but did not see him in the course of hunting season, that is simply because he was off chasing a doe.  Now that rut is more than, there is a great chance you could see that buck again.

What To Appear For In a Excellent Skinning Knife

Hunting season is upon us, so let’s take a few minutes to talk about what tends to make a excellent skinning knife.  Some folks may think any kind of knife would make a good skinner.  This is merely untrue.

There are certain types of knives that make great skinners, and there are specific sorts that make a poor skinning knife.

Rather than beginning at “what to appear for”, let’s begin with “what to keep away from”.  I really feel this defines the criteria and is a excellent starting point.

What To Stay away from

Heavy extended blades – A heavy blade causes fatigue in the hand and wrist.  A lengthy blade does not let for precise cuts.  When skinning deer sized game, or larger, we want to make fine cuts when separating hide from muscle.

The Bowie knife and Rambo survival knife are not excellent skinning knives.  The longer and thicker the blade, the a lot more difficult to becomes to make fine cuts.

Tough to sharpen and does not hold an edge – Stay away from low carbon stainless blades.  An example of this would be 440 stainless.  The blades do not hold an edge extremely nicely and are hard to sharpen.

Getting to sharpen a skinning knife in the middle of processing a deer is rather aggravating.

Multi-tools – Multi-tools are fantastic, but they make a poor skinning knife.  They places for blood, hair, and meat to get into.

Serrated blades – Knives with a serrated blade are good for every day carry, but they make for a poor skinning knife. The serrated edge pulls the meat rather than slicing via it.  The blade fills with modest pieces of meat and has to be wiped off.  Blades with a serrated edge do not make for a very good skinning knife.

Big blades on little game – Have a excellent pocket knife for rabbits and squirrels.

What Makes a Great Skinning Knife

Quick thin light blade – For creating precise cuts and reducing wrist and hand fatigue.  A case pocket knife and a fillet knife are very good examples.

Higher carbon steel blade – Does not have to be complete carbon, can be stainless with a higher carbon content. Should hold an edge and be easy to sharpen.

Easy to clean – Fixed blade knives, such as the Gerber Big Rock or a fillet knife are examples.  Something that can be effortlessly cleaned.  Get the blood, hair and meat off the knife so you can go about your day.  Soaking a knife in hydrogen peroxide for hours to get the dried blood out is a waste of time.

Smooth blade with a rounded tip – Some thing like a drop point blade with a excellent slicing edge.  Tanto style knives are not very good skinning knives.  Stay away from knives with a serrated edge.

The straight edge of a tanto knife does not slice by means of the meat like what a drop point blade does.  Having a curve on the blade improves how properly the knife cuts.  Tantos excel in stabbing rather than skinning

I have a Cold Steel GI Tanto and I like it.  It has gone on a number of hiking and camping trips with me.  It has a spot in my knife collection, but not as a skinning knife.

My favored skinning knives

When I have to break out a knife and skin a deer, I reach for my Gerber Profile or my Gerber Huge Rock.

The Gerber Profile holds an “ok” edge.  If I go into a deer with the Profile sharpened, it typically has to be resharpened when I am finished.

The Gerber Huge Rock seems to hold an edge much better than the Profile.  This pretty significantly my go-to knife for camping, backpacking or skinning a deer.

For tiny game such as squirrels or rabbits, I use a pocket knife.  Using a large blade knife on little game is asking for difficulty.  It is also simple to slip and reduce your self by employing a massive knife on small game.

Keep away from Junk Guns with a Passion

Those new to the prepper and survivalist movement interested in acquiring firearms for self-defense or bug out protection are typically drawn to the wrong guns. By that I imply the high quality not always the kind, brand or caliber. There are nonetheless a number of genuinely poor made firearms in today’s marketplace and must be avoided at all charges, no pun intended. It is often the cost aspect that leads several down the wrong pathway.

I was reminded of this first hand whilst working a recent gun show with my dealer friend. Gun shows are the opportunity to purchase, sell and trade, typically on each sides of the tables. Many guns come down the aisles by folks wanting to sell or trade up. Very often these guns are of low quality and of really small value even though the original buyer might have paid also much for it to commence with. Others carrying a household heirloom typically are mistaken that their wares are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. They normally are not.

A seller approached our table with a tiny chrome plated handgun, which is normally a red flag to start off with. I looked at the gun and declined it. I knew the brand name as cheaply produced, unreliable to function and inaccurate if it fired at all. The dealer looked it more than and researched its utilised worth on line with his laptop. He stated the gun was worth about $ 65 at ideal, but that he was not interested in any gun of that low quality. The man was incensed, of course. He had paid $ 225 for a piece of junk. His bad. Which, of course, is probably why he wanted to sell or trade it to start with.

So, how does 1st time or a regular gun buyer inform the junk from top quality? Most frequently it starts with the name brand but assuredly the value. In this day and age, if you buy any sort of a gun for say beneath $ 300 you are not acquiring significantly. The exception might be somebody you know at operate or otherwise in a pinch to raise some money. Nonetheless know the brand and know the gun. Then inspect the situation and standard proof of use or abuse.

If you stick with a properly-identified handgun brand such as Smith &amp Wesson, Colt, Ruger, Browning, SIG, Beretta, Kimber and such you will acquire quality. Very same for extended guns from names like Remington, Ruger, Winchester, Marlin, and many other folks. There are more than 1000 brand names of ARs now, so pick established identified makers. Beware of ARs that could be homemade by components assembly in garage workshops. Seek out a great gun value reference book to discover far more or perform an Net search.

Next comes the inspection of the specific gun if it is used. Another very good explanation to get NIB, or new-in-the-box guns. Then you just have to analysis the model, features, caliber, and functioning characteristics such as striker fired, hammer fired, single stack or double, and so on. to match your wants, wants, desires, and expectations. You can better find out this at a shooting range or shooting course, which is highly preferred and recommended anyway.

Employed guns can be a very good value at a excellent buy price, or you can get screwed. Certainly if you were purchasing for a utilized car, you likely would not choose a single with a missing bumper, or the back fender crushed in, seats ripped, or 3 diverse types of wheels or hubcaps. Today you would want a Carfax report to overview its history. Get my point?

Look at employed guns in this identical light, since there is no “Gunfax” and dealers soon after all are attempting to sell what they have regardless. Buyer beware is the watchword.

If the firearm is overtly worn, scratched up, stock cracked, sights missing or bent, bluing or other finish very worn or just appears “rough” then it was almost certainly abused and not effectively maintained. Are the weapon’s screws intact with screw heads not turned out? Does it appear like a shade tree mechanic had been tinkering on it? If so, avoid the prospective trouble and move on.

Is the gun clean? Why dealers place a dirty used gun on their shelves or tables is beyond me. If a revolver, verify the cylinder for burned powder and a lead create up. Very same for the barrel using a bore light, which is merely a particular flashlight or clear tube to focus a beam down the barrel. Inspect the barrel for signs of wear. Lands and grooves need to be nicely defined and sharp, no chinks or chucks, scratches or dark spots. Inspect the muzzle crown for harm.

If a semi-auto pistol, check the chamber and barrel for dirt, grime and lead. Make confident the magazine is original and locks up. Double verify the safety mechanisms on all guns. Truth is if a gun appears worn or overly utilized, then it almost certainly is, but it could nonetheless be mechanically sound and safe. Just be careful.

On rifles and shotguns, verify the bolt heads, chambers, and loading mechanisms as properly as the safety. Cycle the bolt and then bounce the gun on the floor with the security “ON” specifically with shotguns. If the firing pin releases at this test, pass on it. Inspect scope mount holes on rifles to see if the original factory screws are in location. Has there been a scope mounted but is now missing? Inspect the barrel as suggested above. Look for heavy copper or top fowling in the barrel which means the owner never cleaned it. Once again such a gun could be recovered, but be mindful.

The major point right here is if you are just starting out in the acquiring of a gun(s), then use caution with used guns and for new ones, just acquire a effectively-known and recognized brand and model. What you do not need is a gun that does not function effectively or breaks down with little use.

Prois Hunting Goes Direct Market place

At its best, the camouflage hunting garment business is a challenging business more than all. Add to that creating a line of high end, higher good quality hunting garments created just for ladies. There is small doubt that hunting as a recreational sport has attracted a expanding quantity of female participants in the past couple of decades, but nonetheless that quantity is a comparatively modest marketplace share.

Back in 2008 enters 1 Kirstie Pike with her new organization referred to as Prois. The term itself signifies prowess and that is the spirit and marketing and advertising attitude with which Pike started her new company. She knew from her own hunting experiences afield that girls necessary and wanted their own line of clothes reduce to their fit, movement, comfort, and durability. Prois has filled that niche nicely.

“The women’s industry is not at all the size that men and women feel it is. Whilst it is developing, it is still incredibly modest compared to the men’s industry,” says Pike. She found out the hard way what a struggle it was to get her hunting clothes line on hangers in the same outlets generally providing big inventories of hunting clothing for the male side of the industry. It was a hard mountain to climb.

Attempting to survive in the big box environment network of retailers nearly ruined her enterprise. Tiny firms usually get enticed by the sheer possible of sales in the massive stores, but they rapidly discover their company dealings are created to make them succeed, not necessarily their suppliers. Their specifications and demands are hard for a modest outfit to provide and still eke out a profit for themselves. Frequently they shed income and the product they supplied.

“Oh man, the big boxes. I do not mind operating with them from a dropship perspective due to the fact I can control the products, client info, and customer service. Other than that, it is not worth it,” Pike commented. Accordingly Prois has produced the company choice to move into a new enterprise strategy. That is promoting consumer direct.

Now by promoting direct to the female hunter industry, Prois can control her organization concerns and offer you consumers far better service and rewards. Lady hunters can now go direct to Prois to uncover their total line of jackets, tops, pants, vests, and other accessories in the hottest camouflage patterns to match hunting needs anywhere in the country. Check out their comprehensive line at And kudos to Kirstie for making such a bold business move.

Reenactor’s Black Powder Rifle Goes Kaboom

These images were recently spotted on Facebook, with the following caption:

This is why we preach safety with firearms – it can come about to you! Constantly point your firearm in a safe path and make certain there are NO obstructions in the barrel! Thankfully there were no injuries!

The guy who posted the photos said he wasn’t there when this occurred, so we don’t have firsthand knowledge… but it looks like a this occurred at a reenactment of some sort.


He did say that “Mud in the barrel did this from what I’m hearing” — and he notes that the dirt jammed in the barrel in the photographs “was from when the rifle was thrown soon after it went boom.”

Regardless of what caused it, it’s not effortless to realize how the statement “Always point your firearm in a safe direction” applies here. In this case, it looks like the only secure direction was either behind or in front of the gun!


Anyhow, the second portion of the warning — make certain there are NO obstructions in the barrel! — undoubtedly rings true!

Keep secure, my close friends.

Define Excellent Hunting Conditions

They say, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and I would be the initial to agree with that. So, too, everybody’s idea of the ideal atmospheric conditions for hunting varies widely as properly. And then it differs with the type of game you are hunting.

For instance, waterfowl hunters want a cold rain, and a excellent wind to keep the ducks flying. Elk hunters like a light snow and standing waters frozen. Pheasant and quail hunters like sunny days with light winds and blue skies, maybe with a excellent early dew to wet the grass producing dog noses perform much better. But what about white-tailed deer hunters? What climate operates very best?

Deer by nature move in each variety of climate, everyday circumstances, temperatures, and relative humidity’s. This also depends on “normal” situations exactly where deer are hunted in the various habitat locations across the nation. Deer act differently in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan than they do in South Texas, Louisiana or Mississippi.

“Yooper” deer will move when it is ten degrees beneath zero up there, but a super cold front in the deep south will cause whitetail bucks to shut down and hide out in the cedar thickets. High winds generally cause all deer to be overly cautious, since they can neither hear nor smell precisely. Activity during wet circumstances varies extensively but deer will move in light rains typically.

Deer like clear, crisp days when the crows fly high. Conversely they also seem to like cloudy days with an absent breeze. They will tolerate a breath of wind, or a gust or two, but hunters in specific ought to often adhere to the wind directions for efficient hunting successes. A light breeze can support bucks find estrus does, so hunt then, but keep the wind in your face and spray down with scent killers.

Unusual or unseasonal weather anyplace can throw deer off normal behaviors. Ice and snow fronts in the south or quite warm days in December will kill deer activity for a even though. Eventually all deer have to get up to feed and drink, so monitor conditions accordingly.

Deer do not seem to be deterred by a heavy frost or a mildly cold day. You may have to hunt early or late to catch movements back and forth from bedding to feeding. The bottom line is always that a good day hunting is the one when you can go.

Must We Hunt Over Deer Feed?

Hunting over deer feeders is an impassioned situation. In some states like Texas the practice of employing and hunting more than deer feeders has been the status quo for years. The rationales for making use of deer feeders are understood with some of the rough terrains and thorny habitats across places like the Lone Star State. However, the rationale is weaker for other states. What say you?

The Mississippi State Wildlife Commission recently changed the guidelines to allow the hunting of deer more than feeders. Deer feeders had been permitted before, but hunters could not shoot deer in their sight. The rule is that the feeder have to be at least one hundred yards away from the deer stand.

Now, despite the rule modify, no one right here is silly enough to feel that hunters have not been undertaking this for years. The regional farm co-ops will inform you firsthand that their No.1 organization is selling corn to feed deer. Deer were getting shot over feed. To think otherwise is beyond naive. But now the practice is legal.

Boil all the arguments down and it really just comes to two troubles. 1 against the use of feeders is from hunters who like to hunt in a far more conventional style by pursuing their game man against deer. They enjoy the chase and the totally free will type of hunting a deer in the wilds. Certainly we can all appreciate that style of deer hunting. These hunters can elect not to use feeders.

These wanting to hunt over feeders argue the opportunities it offers younger hunters creating it simpler for a youth hunter to harvest a deer. They say this encourages a lot more youth to get into hunting. We want that.

Other folks argue that feeders provide a chance at easier manipulation of deer populations by taking much more antlerless deer and/or selective bucks. Possessing feeders on the house makes it possible for these herd managers a far more direct hands-on way to manage their deer.

Apart from the pure hunting elements are the biological ones. Deer biologists argue against feeding deer. They worry congregating deer could outcome in spreading diseases specifically CWD or Chronic Wasting Disease. This does turn into a genuine concern and has impacted many states.

So, it is a tough problem. If you don’t want to feed deer, then do not. If you do, then that is your selection, but realize the risks. We would really like to hear your input.

12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 2–Schrade SCH36

Nicely, it is full-on present buying season.  Your mailbox is crammed to the gills with catalogs of happy, good searching people full of yule time cheer, and your e mail inbox is assaulted on a half hour basis by blasts from retailers (and for some purpose that unsubscribe link offers you an error message).  Christmas purchasing on like Donkey Kong.

Schrade SCH36

This is a best gift for that super reliable friend–the particular person that picks you up at the mechanic’s when your automobile is being fixed or the chap that loans you their Super MAX diesel truck when your vehicle will not reduce it.  Challenging, prepared, and constantly there–this individual deserves a comparable gift.

The best gear gift for this particular person is the Shrade SCH36.  This is an overseas created 1095 steel fixed blade.  It is “camp knife” or “jack of all trades” sized with a four inch-ish blade and a five inch-ish manage.  The knife it self is a surprisingly strong design from a organization that till about two years ago was the burning-oil-platform symbol for great American brand bought out and shipped overseas.  Now, thanks to some progress attitudes towards solution designs, Schrade has been killing it, particularly with their fixed blades.

The SCH36 is the result of cautious scrutiny of the market place AND listening to people on the web that know what they are speaking about when it comes to knives (people other than me, really).  There is some serious gill-packing going on right here.  As you can see from above, this is a complete kit of stuff–a sharpening stone, a ferro rod, a striker, the knife, and a surprisingly unterrible sheath.

The SCH36 is clearly a shot across KaBar’s bow, as this knife is a direct competitor in practically every way to the KaBar Becker BK2.  Very same steel–1095, identical role–general use, very same coating–cake frosting thick powder coat, identical sheath–nylon with insert.

The two massive variations here the deal with and the price tag.

The Becker handle is the very best manage style for a fixed blade anywhere.  I have attempted a lot–Fiddleback Forge, Bark River, Spyderco–and none have made me happier than the Becker manage.  Like the SCH36.  This manage is just too busy.  Its not poor, its just compared the greatest, it falls short.

But that less polished pedigree comes with a savings of about $ 50.  I picked up my SCH36 locally for about $ 30.  The BK2 clocks in at about $ 80.  And in all honesty, your pal, the rough and prepared variety that he or she is, most likely will not notice $ 50 distinction.  Hell, us gear geeks might have a difficult time performing that.

And if you consider they want a larger blade or a nicer one, Schrade has you covered with a bunch of other blades in this line.  In use the SCH36 has proven, beyond any doubt, that there is nevertheless life in that old brand, that Schrade is not hopelessly moving towards the globe of M-Tech bullshit (even though it clearly has a few knives that belong in gas stations in its line up).  The SCH36 also proves to me that paying interest to the industry and to the enthusiasts can outcome in better products.