Searching Forward To 2017 Hunting Season

Deer hunting season is almost more than in various states across the nation.  Here in southeast Texas, the late 2016 youth and muzzle loader season begins January 2nd and runs by way of January 15th.

For a lot of sportsmen, there is a lull between the finish of hunting season and spring fishing season or beginning a spring garden.  The climate is cold, the hunting season is more than, so a lot of sportsmen opt to stay inside and watch television.

The period between the finish of hunting season and spring is probably the best time to start off organizing for next fall.

Beat The Heat

A lot of deer hunters wait until summer time to move their stands and feeders. July and August are the hottest months of the year, bugs are out, it is just hot and miserable.  With the heat comes dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Why would any individual want to function in 90 and one hundred degree heat, when they can operate on a cool winter or spring day?

If the area exactly where you usually hunt is snowed in, then get out there as quickly as the snow melts.  Across the southern part of the United States, snow is not normally a difficulty.

Fresh Memories

Rather than waiting months to move a stand or feeder, do it although memories are nonetheless fresh.  Did you see a buck and say to your self, “Next year I am going to move the stand down by that creek!”  Why wait till subsequent season?  Go ahead and move that stand as quickly as you can!

Foliage changes between fall and summer time.  Things may not appear the exact same when you come back in six or seven months.

Go ahead and put the trail cameras out, go scouting, take photos and make mental notes.  Maybe record some videos with the cell telephone talking about what you would like to do next season.

Put those memories to use while the are fresh.

Winter VS Summer

Items appear different in fall and winter than they do in summer season.  Leaves alter color and fall from the trees.  If you set your stand up in late fall and early spring, you have an idea of how issues will look in fall and winter of the following year.

In summer season, every little thing is in complete bloom.

On December 30, 2016 my oldest son and I walked about the property and talked about where to put a deer hunting stand for next year.  With significantly less vegetation than in summer time, it was less difficult to stroll by way of the dense underbrush.  We figured out a good location for the stand.  In the subsequent few weeks we are going to use the tractor to brush hog a shooting lane and where to place the deer stand and feeder.  During late winter, we will set everything up.

Hunting Is Year Round

Deer hunting is a year round obsession.  Just simply because the season is over does not mean you have to wait several months to head out to the woods.

Go back out to the woods as soon as achievable.  Instead of last minute plans, commence setting stuff up months ahead of time.  If nothing else, a lot of states have open season on wild hogs.  Maybe you will see some wild hogs and get lucky.

A New Reign: 2017 Bowtech Flagship

The time has now come and gone for the unveiling of Bowtech’s 2017 flagship bow — the Reign six and 7. And perhaps it was just me, but I got the thought that this specific Launch Day was going to be a enormous a single following the first ever bow release by means of public text message!


2017 Bowtech Reign 6 with a Mossy Oak Break-Up Country finish.

The company was insistent on designing a refined SuperBow that wasn’t focused on just 1 aspect of shooting. Alternatively, it put all of Bowtech’s technologies — each old and new — together to make a bow that they consider has every thing. Let’s take a look.

What’s The Distinction?
Before we go any further, let’s highlight the variations in the Reign six and Reign 7.


2017 Bowtech Reign 7 with a black finish.

As you may possibly expect, the 6 or 7 represents the brace height of each distinct bow. Although both rigs function a 32 5/eight-inch axle-to-axle length, the draw-length variety does vary by an inch. The Reign six can be adjusted from 24-30 inches, while the Reign eight functions an adjustment from 25-31 inches.

Draw weight for both models are available in 50, 60 and 70 pounds, and mass weight for every is advertised at 4.3 pounds. And how fast can you anticipate these rigs to fire an arrow down the variety? Maxed out, you will locate 10 much more FPS on the Reign 6 (350 IBO/ATA), versus 340 fps from the Reign 7.

What’s New? 
The company’s PowerShift Technologies has been altered a bit on the Reign, as it now attributes the FlipDisc to give you two draw-cycle choices alternatively of three — Performance and Comfort. The Overall performance setting will make your bow as fast as possible, whilst the Comfort setting will give the bow as smooth of a draw cycle as feasible.


Bowtech brought back the well-liked Overdrive Binary Cam Method for 2017. New to the fold is the FlipDisc and Micro Sync Dial for swift, precise tuning.

You now also have the alternative to fine-tune your cams without having the need for a bow press with the Micro Sync Dial — a innovative tool that gives a shooter ten micro-dial adjustments for quick and effective cam synchronization.

Also new this year is the Outrigger counterweight method. This was place in spot to offset the weight of your accessories for the best balance you can possibly attain.

Welcome Back
The 2017 Reign also features some of Bowtech’s verified mechanisms, such as the common Overdrive Binary Cam technique — a cam setup that has been praised in the market for being one hundred% tunable to match any individual demands a shooter could want.

Also returning is the CPX riser — equipped with Center Pivot Extreme — which provides you maximum limb efficiency, noise reduction and all-crucial stability by becoming much more aligned with the grip to produce a extremely steady shooting platform.

Also returning is the FLX-Guard cable containment system that aids in eliminating accuracy-robbing riser torque.

Lookin’ Excellent
Consumers can locate the 2017 Reign 6 or 7 in six finish possibilities — Mossy Oak Break-Up Nation, Black Ops, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Altitude, Kryptek Raid and Gore Optifade Elevated II.

Final Take
My test bow was the Reign 7, and I am pleased to say that it had a lot of what I look for in a bow. It has a comfy grip, was effectively-balanced and featured a smooth draw cycle — clearly checking off the 1st and most critical box in my planet of what a bow should feel like.

Tuning? That’s less difficult than ever with the incorporated FlipDisc and Micro Sync Dial in location. Simplicity when making adjustments is important to most of us, and this bow fits the mold. I mean, who wants to make a trip to the pro shop every time you are a bit off center?

The Reign completely has the possible to be my favored Bowtech to date and I cannot wait to get it in the field. You shouldn’t take my word for it although. Head more than to Bowtech’s web site for the most in-depth information on the new release. And following that? Who knows — maybe a trip to your nearest Bowtech dealer is in order for a tiny hands-on testing! I do not feel you will regret it.



Bowtechs new Prodigy represents a beginning for the business. Its a new way to supply consumers and pro shops a lot more choices…

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Petersen&#039s Bowhunting

2017 Ozonics Overview

What would you pay to have a second chance at all the greatest bucks that winded you over the last ten years? Reflect challenging on all those antlers for a moment. And this second time about, the animal would have no thought where you were, as if you were a ghost. Does that sound intriguing to you?

Ozonics Review

Mike Carney

5 years ago, Bowhunter Magazine published the very first national, in-depth report on how ozone works and the benefits of the technologies for hunters. Our knowledge, at the time, was exclusively with ozone generators utilized to treat clothing and gear, and we have been enamored with ozone’s liberating utility: scent-cost-free clothing in 20 minutes with no washing the capability to scent-cleanse huge, bulky products like packs, boots and harnesses plus the portability of the units and their operation on AC or DC power.

When we were researching solution producers for that report, we have been introduced to Ozonics, the lone company that was advertising the use of ozone generators whilst actually hunting.

Getting a pretty decent background in understanding how ozone operates to decontaminate, cleanse and disinfect, I personally couldn’t wrap my head around it getting efficient in an open-air atmosphere, and nor could any of our staff. And we mentioned as much in that 2011 article.

I knew that ozone molecules had to come in make contact with with offensive organic elements, contaminants, germs and bacteria to eradicate them, and that it requires time and concentration for ozone molecules to obtain this. But we have been hearing lots of hype about Ozonics’ effectiveness from trusted pals in retail who had been employing the units even though really hunting. Editor Curt Wells had also heard about Ozonics from some of his buddies at Scheels who swore by in-field ozone.

Ozonics Review

Jeff Waring

Dennis Fink, who was running Ozonics’ PR efforts at the time, told me: “We do not know specifically what part of our scent signature animals react negatively to, and we’ve discovered that fairly modest amounts of ozone introduced into our downwind scent stream have a material influence on animals getting able to detect us. Try it and see for oneself.”

I did try it whilst stand hunting that fall, and was astonished at how successful it was. Used in a ground blind, it was utterly remarkable. I was eager to share my enthusiasm for the solution with our other employees members at Bowhunter, Petersen’s Bowhunting, North American Whitetail and Petersen’s Hunting magazines.

The responses I received ranged from jaded doubt to close to indifference, standard of editors who have noticed and heard it all from PR and advertising execs. I arranged for a conference call amongst our staff and Fink, and Dennis met with similar vocal derision. “Hey guys,” Fink said, “I’ll send you some loaner units for you to test this fall, and you can let us know what you consider.”

I was somewhat conflicted. On a single hand I felt like I’d just discovered some secret weapon and didn’t want anyone else similarly empowered, and on the other hand I required our staff to be as powerful in the field as possible to get excellent articles, photography, and Tv episodes.

Within a month, the e-mails and interoffice calls came pouring in, and they were all of the really good, yet bewildered nature. Actual disbelief over how efficient the HR200 units were proving to be!

Ozonics Review

Curt Wells

Being in the multimedia content material generation enterprise, any utility we can employ that tends to make us more powerful in the field — whilst saving time and funds — is one thing we’re going to take extremely seriously. And if you watch Bowhunter Tv on Sportsman Channel or on the new MOTV app — you know that any time we are in a stand or blind we have Ozonics units running overhead. But we were finding out the best practices and a couple of tricks in that initial testing year as effectively.

Initial, we all identified out that when we ran out of battery energy throughout all-day sits and stopped obtaining the occasional whiff of freshly developed ozone (comparable to the smell after a spring thunderstorm, where ozone is developed naturally), we felt utterly exposed.

We have been once once more subject to the vagaries of shifting winds. We all began packing multiple batteries, and then the following year Ozonics came out with the XL battery, which lasts up to eight empowering hours.

Second, we discovered how to correctly position the units above our heads, pointed downwind at a 45-degree angle to most effectively intermingle with our scent cone. In light or moderate winds, we had amazing scent-neutralizing outcomes in high winds it was somewhat much less effective, and ditto in really humid circumstances — but still light years ahead of becoming “unprotected.”

Ozonics Review

Set the Ozonics so the ozone flows out the window and downwind with your scent.

In a blind, it was practically nothing quick of phenomenal, akin to obtaining a personal cloaking device with you.

Third, we found that if we wore the unit strapped to the back of our packs pointed downward as we walked to and from our stands, we had been significantly limiting being detected when going to and from our stands by an easy 60 percent or more.

That in itself would make Ozonics worth the investment in my book, as I was obtaining betrayed routinely by my scent path, even when taking all the standard precautions of rubber boots, not touching foliage, and painstakingly deciding on routes to the stand that need to make me significantly less detectable.

The use of Ozonics to and from the stand actually helped avert early stand burnout — a huge advantage to all deer hunters, particularly these hunting tiny lots and grounds where there are not a lot of very good stand selections.

Fourth, we began experimenting with the units in spot-and-stalk scenarios (as had other individuals), and the results, given the crude rigging approaches we had been employing, have been really encouraging.

And stories from readers, outfitters, and guides came pouring in as properly. Some outfitters, like Nelson Outfitters in Sheridan, Wyoming, had been really building specialized strategies, techniques and a viable organization through their use, delivering clientele an incredibly efficient way to get close to animals even when hunting the same blind setups frequently.

An additional outfitter we know will not threat sending customers to their stands without having an Ozonics, so he supplies units for clientele along with a swift tutorial. Other outfitters ask in advance if their customers have units, and strongly encourage their every day use to avert stand burnout. A easy Google search will attest to users’ overwhelming belief and satisfaction with this technology.

We can argue the science all day extended, but the one science we believe in most is that which our own eyes see. When Curt Wells has a Coues deer doe and fawn six yards downwind of his blind for long minutes, he believes.

When our employees hunters have both whitetails and mule deer 360 degrees about their blind in the middle of an alfalfa field from 3 p.m. to dark, they think. And when a brown bear outfitter in Alaska says Ozonics has helped him get bears that are feeding on salmon closer to his client’s blind, he believes.

Plus, I can not don’t forget the final time a whitetail snorted at me when making use of Ozonics from a treestand. That’s massive. These are just a few examples of the actual-planet science that matters to us.

This previous season, Ozonics introduced a handful of new products that will boost our ability to go undetected. The new HR300 delivers up to 45-% greater ozone output than the established HR200 (and yes, at perfectly protected levels according to OSHA standards).

Other features consist of a considerably-requested AC power alternative (DC batteries for field use), so you can use the unit to clean clothing and gear with out needing a charged battery an enhanced user interface with lighted buttons that is simple to use with gloves on new Pulse Technology that balances time and oxidant concentration levels and a quieter fan.

Frankly, we’ve never discovered the fan on the HR200 to be overly conspicuous to ourselves, let alone a game animal, but quieter by no means hurts. And yes, there are eight-hour batteries available for all-day sits throughout the rut.

An additional new addition we are excited about is the new KiNETiC backpack, a objective-constructed pack that functions a devoted upper section on the shoulder straps designed to carry an Ozonics unit in the excellent position for use going to and from the stand — the place of the upper pack points the Ozonics exhaust of heavier-than-air ozone “mist” where you want it, shooting up and back so it can “fall down” onto your scent stream, rendering it indistinguishable to game.

The upper pack can be adapted to use with your preferred pack — or paired with the removable bottom pack section that has 1,300 cubic inches of storage, side pockets, and compression straps for bulky clothes or other gear like camera tripods. The KiNETiC is a effectively thought out, cohesive design that we will be testing extensively this fall.

One of the new products I’m searching forward to employing is the exclusive DRiWASH Bag, a heavy-duty, integrated hanging system that folds flat for storage and can be taken anyplace.

Unique baffles and a unit-holding pouch make fast perform of delivering ozone precisely exactly where it is required — on your clothes and gear. And the HR300’s pulse mode tends to make “washing” your scent-contaminated equipment precise, blending the concentration of ozone and time needed at the optimal mix.

“At Ozonics, our mission is to optimize the delivery of ozone for use as a scent-elimination tool pre-hunt, mid-hunt, and post-hunt,” Buddy Piland, marketing and advertising director at Ozonics, stated. “The development of Pulse Technologies and our new DRiWASH Bag supply the hunter with an innovative pre and post-hunt cleaning remedy that ensures all your hunting gear is cleaned and fully deodorized with out the danger of degradation. Our DRiWASH uses the excellent quantity of ozone…never as well considerably, and never ever as well little.”

If I were asked what single product or technologies has been the most helpful to my stand and blind hunting accomplishment over the final 5 years, it would very easily be an in-field ozone generator. Is it 100-% failsafe? No, nothing at all is.

But it will nearly constantly confuse an animal’s ability to method the level of threat for some time — clearly obfuscating his olfactory defenses — which could be all the time you need to have to send an arrow property.

Of course, each animal reacts differently to varying concentrations of scent, and winds can be fickle and strong, limiting the ability of ozone molecules to interact with odors. Extremely high humidity (95 percent plus) is not an environment that ozone does nicely in, but how often do you hunt in these conditions?

“The secret to successful scent elimination making use of ozone is a combination of two factors: time and concentration,” Piland stated. “The addition of the new HR300 to our lineup has functions that address the hard environmental challenges, such as higher than regular winds and high-humidity circumstances, by providing the hunter with 45 % much more ozone on demand. When appropriately applied, this minimizes the quantity of time human scent travels just before it is attacked by ozone, and it maximizes the concentration of ozone straight to your scent stream close to your setup, therefore reducing the quantity of environmental challenges that could exceed the unit’s capabilities.”

If you told any of our staff that they couldn’t use an Ozonics for their stand and blind hunting this year, they would have a meltdown.

Our cumulative employees hours spent in stands and blinds more than the final five years show Ozonics to be exceedingly successful, and it certainly enhances all your other scent countermeasures. You literally feel exposed if you don’t have it with you, and you pray a trophy does not show up downwind.

I killed the largest buck of my profession in a scenario where in-field ozone saved my hunt. Several other trophy deer that crossed my scent path also got a trip house in my truck thanks to Ozonics. Bowhunter Editor Curt Wells killed his greatest buck in the course of the rut even though protected by a “shower” of ozone below an Ozonics.

Publisher Jeff Waring killed his largest buck ever in a blind even though remaining undetected thanks to Ozonics. Assistant Editor Brain Fortenbaugh killed his biggest whitetail and mule deer whilst employing an Ozonics unit. Sales Manager Jeff Millar killed his most significant buck and mule deer whilst protected by Ozonics.

I could go on, but the fact is, you won’t think it unless you attempt it for your self.  Ozonics is absolutely liberating as it makes it possible for you to push the envelope in all types of setups that would otherwise end in blowing and snorts.

As Curt Wells is fond of saying, there are two types of hunters — those who haven’t tried Ozonics, and those who will never hunt with out it again. It is safe, powerful, works nicely in conjunction with your other scent-elimination methods, and it’s the closest issue we have to a cloaking device for hunting. And now it is available for on-the-go, spot-and-stalk applications as well.