Assessment: MFT Mission First Tactical AR15 MAGS

If you feel like I do, you locate that you are 1) welcoming of polymer magazines, and two) also annoyed by the amount of “new” AR15 magazines that have hit the market in the last couple years that were… nicely, total crap.


MagPul set the pace and high quality common, but that does not mean they are automatically the best available. Troy, IWI, and Lancer have all produced polymer magazines which equaled the famed MagPul PMag in reliability, durability, and high quality. In this review I will take a appear at some polymer magazines from Mission First Tactical (MFT).



I was fortunate to really test a handful of of the early prototypes and give some feedback. What we saw and tested back then impressed us, and MFT has created some tweaks considering that then.


The MFT MAG has the slimmer profile of the Troy BattleMag, but not really as slim simply because of the reinforcement ribs. The MFT MAG nonetheless fits into tight mag pouches far more very easily than a PMAG. It has the identical all round height and width of a PMAG, but with out the bulky base plate. Thanks to the especially created polyamide physique, it seems to be lots robust.


Where the Troy BattleMags and IWI Mags barely hold 30 rounds with only 1/16” of movement left following the 30th round, the MagPul has a a lot more forgiving ⅛” of movement left, to improve closed-bolt reloads using completely full magazines. MFT’s mag will really hold 31 rounds if you totally fill it.

According to MFT, they were not happy that the ⅛” of movement was enough to assure totally positive magazine insertion on a closed bolt, so they created sufficient movement to enable one further complete round to decrease insertion force and assure good lockup. MFT noted that this eliminated the military folks’ typical need to run 30-round GI mags with only 28 rounds to assure they could reload with a closed bolt.

In my testing, I did uncover that the MFT had a noticeably less complicated closed bolt reload lookup on a full magazine, but do not count on the magazine to seat with a closed bolt if you cram 31 rounds into it.


MFT also made in an oversized bolt catch notch for more positive bolt hold-open, even on slightly out-of-spec receivers. The magazine features a stainless steel spring and four-way anti-tilt non-jamming follower.


Other good functions consist of sharper reinforcement ribbing and a stippled grip, both of which supply a much more “grippable” magazine in the course of the reload push/pull cycle.


A couple of unique baseplate attributes are drain holes and a paint pen matrix pad for magazine ID use.


The baseplates also have a simple toolless disassembly with double safety release tabs. The baseplate is created to let for swift magazine dump unloads with out the spring and follower flying about the area. Toggling by means of the three positions with the two buttons is simple, smooth, and quick even though offering total manage more than the spring pressure.


Final Thoughts

So do we have yet another premium polymer magazine on the industry equal to the PMAG? I’d say that we definitely do. At this point I like the attributes of the MFT MAG a bit much better than my PMAGS.

Not only do MFT MAGS have great features, they are joining the celebration with an MSRP of $ 14.99, which is about $ five lower than MagPul’s equivalent. MFT delivers these one hundred% USA-produced MFT MAGS in Black, Foliage Green, Gray, and Scorched Dark Earth.

You may well want to give a few of these magazines a try. I was definitely impressed.

Now that Hillary’s the Nominee, is Another Ammo or AR-15 Panic Looming?

Open thread with a easy question: now that Hillary Clinton is the official Democratic nominee, is absolutely everyone going to rush out and commence stockpiling guns and ammo once again? I know I practically ran out and purchased that Century Arms C39v2 that I was fondling the other day at the regional gun shop, but then I read about their alleged heat treating problems on their bolts and some other internal components, and decided to skip it. I’ll just put that income into some a lot more parts for my LMT LM8MWS — probably a 6.5CM barrel and some other goodies.

I am in a mad rush to get some a lot more NFA products into my gun trust just before the July 18th rule change, and I could pick up some ammo, but other than that I’m pretty considerably not sweating it right now, mostly simply because I bit the bullet (heh) and did any stockpiling over the past two years when stuff was cheap.

What are you guys seeing out there? Is the race on? Will it be on as we get closer to the convention?

HiperFire HiperTouch EDT and EDT2 AR15 Trigger Overview

HiperFire has been creating top quality AR15 triggers for a although now, and their HiperTouch 24C triggers are well-known amongst 3-gun shooters. But what about their decrease-priced EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger) and EDT2 triggers?


Simply because both the EDT and EDT2 are rated to have trigger pull weights in excess of 4.five pounds more than extended use, they are authorized as NRA Match Service Rifle, LEO, and military replacement trigger alternatives. Often, these folks are stuck with “tuning up” a mil-spec trigger, which can lead to reliability and safety troubles.

The EDT style does not feature the additional spring cam of other HiperTouch triggers, but retains other features of them. EDT and EDT2 triggers each have HiperFire’s improved sear alignment for a flat crisp trigger feel, mass-centered hammer for more quickly lock time, and larger-than-standard hammer fall energy–all while supplying the user a much better trigger feel with a 4.5+lb or 5.five+lb trigger pull.  

EDTs have an open disconnector channel, which allows the disconnector to self-clean debris out of an region of the trigger group that usually gets gunked up. The rear of the trigger is upswept to prevent prospective interference ought to a primer or some other debris enter the trigger assembly.  

Due to the upswept rear of the trigger, EDT customers will need to be careful with aftermarket non-mil-spec selectors. For instance, the Seekins Precision 90/45 degree security selector can normally be installed with either a 90-degree or 45-degree selector throw, but with the EDT trigger it can only be installed in the 45-degree configuration.

Since the EDT line is primarily focused on men and women who want to comply with LEO, National Match, and military needs, I think it is unlikely that such consumers will be fiddling with aftermarket selector switches anyhow, but it’s good to be aware.


Trigger pull weights on both the EDT and EDT2 can be changed employing the two integrated springs, rated at 4.five+ and five.five+ pounds. The springs are colour-coded for simple identification.

When it comes to installation, most of the time HiperFire triggers do not call for you to take away the security selector (which requires the removal of the grip). So if you can get your existing trigger out with no removing these components, installation of the EDT can be completed with relative ease.

As soon as installed, I thought the trigger pull was pretty wonderful for an $ 89 (EDT) or $ 94 (EDT2) trigger. I tested the EDT2 on a Stag Arms AR15, which had a extremely heavy 9+lb trigger according to my Timney trigger gauge. With the lighter spring installed, my pull was just over four.five pounds–and a quite delightful trigger pull it was. I also tested the heavier spring that measured just under 6 pounds with the exact same wonderful HiperFire feel.


EDT vs. EDT2

The EDT trigger was created to supply AR15 shooters an low-cost trigger with enhanced trigger feel, lighter trigger pull, and lowered lock time–all while maintaining mil-spec hammer fall power.

The EDT2 is essentially the identical as the EDT, but with a heavier hammer to create a harder strike for these employing ammo with hard primers. Though this makes the lock time of the EDT2 slower than the EDT, it’s nonetheless considerably faster than a stock fire handle technique.

In comparing my EDT2 trigger to other sub-$ 100 AR triggers, I’d have to say that the HiperFire EDT line is a excellent value and provides the greatest trigger feel of them all.

Final Thoughts

The EDT line may find itself overshadowed by HiperFire’s best-tier HiperTouch 24 triggers, but it shouldn’t. The EDT loved ones delivers value and overall performance for the person who does not need to refinement or greater price of the HiperTouch 24 line.

In my opinion, EDT triggers are a fantastic deal, and it’s possibly the ideal trigger you will discover for much less than $ 150. Not to mention that it’s an authorized upgrade for NRA Match, LEO, and Military competitors.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Drop-In “AR15” Fire-Handle for .223/five.56 NATO, 300 BLK, 6.5/6.eight w/ US Primers
  • Enhanced Duty Trigger
  • two User-Adjustable Trigger Weights of 4½+ and 5½+ lbs
  • Single Stage, Semi-Auto
  • For Normal AR Lower Receivers Making use of Little Pins of .154-inch Diameter
  • “Hint” of Creep, Slightly Shorter Travel to Break from Moment of Reset
  • Clean Break, Very best-In-Class Quick/Constructive Reset
  • Faster Hammer Lock-Up than Stock, MIL-spec Strike Power
  • Heat-Treated Alloy Steels
  • Installs with no Removal of the Security Selector
  • US Patent 9,175,917, Other folks Pending
  • Made Entirely in the USA by Americans