Assessment: Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 Insingo Folding Knife

When we start speaking about the very best pocket knives on earth we have to talk about the Chris Reeve Sebenza 21. From my point of view the Reeve Sebenza is the finest hard-use folding knife on earth. Sure there are much more high-priced folders out there, but if you want an honest to goodness cutting tool, I have however to locate an additional production folding knife that’s its equal.

Right after ordering a standard three.six-inch Sebenza last year, I was lusting over the adapted Wharncliffe-style Insingo Sebenza blade. A couple of months later, my wait was more than and I opened my Chris Reeve shipment with excitement. This style of blade has turn out to be a favorite of mine for all objective utility cutting chores.

If I could take one folding knife anywhere, it would be a big Sebenza. The beginning value for a massive 3.6” bladed Sebenza 21 is $ 410. That is far from the $ 40 knives at bulk retailers and is really for the particular person who desires or requirements the very best heavy-duty folding knife cash can acquire.

Chris Reeve offers a variety of options from the simple/plain model all the way to specialty anodized designs or your personal custom CNC graphics. If you can think about a design and style on a Sebenza deal with, they can most likely make it.

Whether you pick the Plain or the Custom Sebenza, this classic knife gives a sturdy and secure locking mechanism and manage, best-tier crucible steel blade, and high quality match and finish that is only equaled on custom knives.

About Chris Reeve Knives

Chris Reeve is a single of the preeminent legends of the knife business, but of course he didn’t start out that way. He was a Grand Prix motorcycle racer in the 1970s, but his original background consists of machining tool and die manufacturing. Chris started his knife making enterprise in South Africa where he enjoyed really a bit of interest. When he and his wife moved to the US, they vowed to make the knife company a success. The rest is not just history. It’s a legacy of cutlery greatness.

Let’s look how properly respected he is in the market:

  • 1987 Knifemaker’s Guild of South Africa “Best Folding Knife”
  • 2000-2012 for “Manufacturing Top quality Award”
  • 2003 “Collaboration Knife of the Year”
  • 2005 “Collector Knife of the Year”
  • 2006 Grays Sporting Journal “Gray’s Best” Award
  • 2007 “American Produced Knife of the Year”
  • 2008 “Overall Knife of the Year”
  • 2008 Field and Stream “Best of the Best”
  • 2010 “Overall Knife of the Year”

Fit, Finish, Feel, Function, and Attributes

There are actually only four components represented in the final Sebenza: CPM S35VN stainless steel, 6Al4V titanium, 303 stainless steel, and phosphor bronze.

The CPM S35VN stainless steel is used to type the precision concave ground modified Insingo blade, which pivots on a phosphor bronze bushing for extremely smooth operation. Almost everything from the S35VN steel to the hollow grind has been optimized over the years to produce the greatest folding cutting tool on the marketplace. Use the Sebenza, and the distinction is immediately noticeable.

Chris Reeve knives have an understated level of class that is conveyed in the raw 6Al4V titanium handles assembled with 303 stainless steel screws and 6Al4V titanium fittings. It is an sophisticated appear with a spectacular level of precise tolerances that most German sports automobiles would be envious of.  

Getting noticed effectively-worn Sebenzas before, I can inform you that the titanium handles put on just like that best pair of jeans and create a patina. I am not confident if it is the titanium being impacted by the components or the titanium itself wearing, but it’s a gorgeous effect. It requires years, but the look tends to make you enjoy the knife even far more.


In manage strength, there really is no equal. I imply come on. Two titanium handles that with each other add up to much more than a quarter-inch. I can envision absolutely nothing for which I would ever use a cutting tool that would break these handles.  

When you truly begin cutting one thing instead of just parading about with it, the Sebenza design delivers almost everything you would count on in a style refined over decades. The CPM S35VN stainless steel takes a razor sharp cutting edge and holds it for a long time, even when cutting challenging materials.

There are numerous fantastic steels obtainable, but S35VN has toughness balanced with corrosion and put on resistance at a greater level than other steels. Element of that efficiency is due to Reeve’s blade design and grind.

About the Lock

This is not just yet another liner lock. The now-common Walker liner lock has verified to be trustworthy, powerful, and used everywhere in the knife business, but if you want to step up in strength, you’ll want the Reeve Integral Lock (RIL).


Invented by Chris Reeve, the RIL frame lock increases the reliability and strength of the Walker lock design and style. Reeve uses .150” thick 6Al4V Titanium for his handles, so the resulting lock is about as powerful as you can possibly make a locking mechanism with out substantially rising bulk and weight .

Insingo Blade

Reeve modified the original Wharncliffe-style blade to have a bit far more belly to generate his Insingo blade design and style. The outcome is an remarkable cutting blade that supplies a much more-precise straight cut by way of the draw stroke than drop point blades. I have a lot of sharp knives, but the Sebenzas are difficult-use knives with a razor edge that stays sharp for an extremely long time.


Final Thoughts

It is not possible to convey the beauty, feel, and high quality of a Sebenza by way of words and images. You will just never ever genuinely appreciate these items with no really holding one particular in your hand.

I loved my first drop point Sebenza so considerably that I ordered a second with the Insingo blade. The next time you have $ 100 burning a hole in your pocket, I challenge you to save $ 300 much more and get that “one fantastic knife,” a Chris Reeve Sebenza. The only regret you will have is that you didn’t do it sooner.

Manufacturer Specs

  • Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 Insingo
  • Huge Sebenza 21 MSRP $ 410
  • Small Sebenza 21 MSRP $ 350
  • Blade Material: CPM S35VN Stainless Steel
  • Blade Hardness: 58-59 RC
  • Blade Length: Large – 3.625″ (92 mm), Modest – two.94″ (75 mm)
  • Blade Thickness: .125″ (3.175 mm)
  • Overall Length: Big – eight.335″ (212 mm), Little – 6.875″ (175 mm)
  • Manage Material: 6Al4V Titanium
  • Deal with Thickness: Massive – .150″ (3.81 mm), Little – .125″ (3.175 mm)
  • Weight: Huge – four.7 oz. (133 g), Small – three. oz. (85 g)
  • Fittings: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Thumb lug: 6Al4V Titanium
  • Pocket Clip: 6Al4V Titanium

Assessment: MFT Mission First Tactical AR15 MAGS

If you feel like I do, you locate that you are 1) welcoming of polymer magazines, and two) also annoyed by the amount of “new” AR15 magazines that have hit the market in the last couple years that were… nicely, total crap.


MagPul set the pace and high quality common, but that does not mean they are automatically the best available. Troy, IWI, and Lancer have all produced polymer magazines which equaled the famed MagPul PMag in reliability, durability, and high quality. In this review I will take a appear at some polymer magazines from Mission First Tactical (MFT).



I was fortunate to really test a handful of of the early prototypes and give some feedback. What we saw and tested back then impressed us, and MFT has created some tweaks considering that then.


The MFT MAG has the slimmer profile of the Troy BattleMag, but not really as slim simply because of the reinforcement ribs. The MFT MAG nonetheless fits into tight mag pouches far more very easily than a PMAG. It has the identical all round height and width of a PMAG, but with out the bulky base plate. Thanks to the especially created polyamide physique, it seems to be lots robust.


Where the Troy BattleMags and IWI Mags barely hold 30 rounds with only 1/16” of movement left following the 30th round, the MagPul has a a lot more forgiving ⅛” of movement left, to improve closed-bolt reloads using completely full magazines. MFT’s mag will really hold 31 rounds if you totally fill it.

According to MFT, they were not happy that the ⅛” of movement was enough to assure totally positive magazine insertion on a closed bolt, so they created sufficient movement to enable one further complete round to decrease insertion force and assure good lockup. MFT noted that this eliminated the military folks’ typical need to run 30-round GI mags with only 28 rounds to assure they could reload with a closed bolt.

In my testing, I did uncover that the MFT had a noticeably less complicated closed bolt reload lookup on a full magazine, but do not count on the magazine to seat with a closed bolt if you cram 31 rounds into it.


MFT also made in an oversized bolt catch notch for more positive bolt hold-open, even on slightly out-of-spec receivers. The magazine features a stainless steel spring and four-way anti-tilt non-jamming follower.


Other good functions consist of sharper reinforcement ribbing and a stippled grip, both of which supply a much more “grippable” magazine in the course of the reload push/pull cycle.


A couple of unique baseplate attributes are drain holes and a paint pen matrix pad for magazine ID use.


The baseplates also have a simple toolless disassembly with double safety release tabs. The baseplate is created to let for swift magazine dump unloads with out the spring and follower flying about the area. Toggling by means of the three positions with the two buttons is simple, smooth, and quick even though offering total manage more than the spring pressure.


Final Thoughts

So do we have yet another premium polymer magazine on the industry equal to the PMAG? I’d say that we definitely do. At this point I like the attributes of the MFT MAG a bit much better than my PMAGS.

Not only do MFT MAGS have great features, they are joining the celebration with an MSRP of $ 14.99, which is about $ five lower than MagPul’s equivalent. MFT delivers these one hundred% USA-produced MFT MAGS in Black, Foliage Green, Gray, and Scorched Dark Earth.

You may well want to give a few of these magazines a try. I was definitely impressed.

Assessment: L.A.G. Tactical “The Defender” VP90 Holster

Back when my H&ampK VP90 arrived, I realized that this wonderful gun required a fantastic holster. The dilemma was that no one had a holster obtainable for it. Then a pal mentioned L.A.G. Tactical, and I was excited to find out that L.A.G. could take my VP90 and create a superb holster in their Defender IWB/OWB style. I jumped at the chance (particularly thinking about the $ 70 price), due to the fact how are you going to train with a pistol unless you have a holster?

L.A.G. Tactical items are priced competitively, but what makes them stand out from other Kydex sheaths is their quality and customization possibilities.

Match, Finish, Really feel, Attributes, &amp Functions

I have owned, employed, and handled a lot of Kydex sheaths over the last decade. Kydex is Kydex, so it really comes down to the quality of the forming, the finish, and the hardware. I’ve attempted some Kydex holsters that were rough and nearly amateurish in quality. Some were downright horrible. L.A.G. Tactical is on the other end of the spectrum, supplying top quality manufacturing as well as a level of customization I haven’t observed from any other Kydex holster manufacturer.


I chose L.A.G.’s Defender model for my H&ampK VP90. The revolutionary Defender is L.A.G. Tactical’s most common style due to its flexibility you can swap amongst IWB or OWB (inside or outside of waistband) configurations.

Beyond heavy coat climate, I rarely carry an OWB holster, but OWBs are usually utilized during education and competitors. From a simple economy perspective, it makes a heck of a lot of sense to have one excellent convertible holster, rather of wasting income on another $ 70 holster.

L.A.G. Tactical contains both varieties of belt loops for IWB and OWB, so you just want to unscrew one set of belt loops and install the other set on the other side of the holster.


Beyond the possibilities of gun model, holster position (left or right hip position), front Kydex colour, and back Kydex color, L.A.G. also asks other concerns to further customize the setup to suit you… such as magazine release position, firearm carry angle, belt size, major use, waist size, and no matter whether the shooter is male or female.


All this data outcomes in a really properly-fitting holster. In fact, my L.A.G. Defender is the single most comfy Kydex holster I have owned, and it even edges out many of my leather holsters. (My ugly CrossBreed holster still holds the leading spot for comfort, but the CrossBreed does not offer the flexibility of the L.A.G. Defender design.)


I am really happy with the overall comfort of the Defender and the top quality is top notch. Edges are wonderfully buffed so they don’t catch on anything or dig into my flesh like so several other Kydex designs. These people have clearly put a lot of interest into the comfort of the holster.

Even following all the customization alternatives throughout the ordering approach, the shooter can still move the belt positioning up or down. Grip force can also be adjusted by the user — with a screw rather of a heat gun.


Equal in high quality is the Double Mag carrier. I doubt many people are frequently carrying two added magazines for their CC firearms, but I know for me there are times when it seems prudent. With the body-hugging style of the L.A.G. Carrier, an untucked t-shirt is all that is essential to provide coverage.


When it comes to coaching, range time, and competitions, a double mag carrier is usually convenient if not essential. There are cheapo carriers out there, but I decided it would be nice to have a total setup for my VP90 which covered all the bases, so I opted for L.A.G.’s version. Like the holster, the mag carrier also asks for customization options including which way you want the magazines to face, grip force, hip side, waist size, belt width, carry position, and person color choices for the back and front components. The result is the single most comfy magazine carrier I have ever owned.


Now to appears. Honestly. I am at the point in life exactly where I have seen enough enough black holsters and believe the planet requirements an additional colour choice. So I chose grey for the outside color on the Defender and Double Magazine carrier, and black for the inside colour. The outcome was a good contrast of color, which doesn’t necessarily scream, “Hey I have a holster here!” if my shirt slides up a bit whilst carrying.

Final Thoughts

Each the L.A.G. Tactical Defender holster and Double Magazine Carrier are amazingly comfy. The major cause for this comfort is that every carrier and holster is contoured to your physique shape versus assuming absolutely everyone is the exact same size.

Rates are competitive at $ 70 for the convertible IWB/OWB Defender holster and $ 45 for a Double Mag Carrier. Add in the premium top quality of these holsters and it’s my opinion that L.A.G. Tactical is a single of the greatest values in best-finish Kydex holsters. I can’t suggest these holsters sufficient.

Manufacturer Specs

The Defender — IWB/OWB — My Selections

  • Gun Model:H&ampK VP9
  • Holster Position: Correct Hip (three:30 — five o’clock)
  • Righty or Lefty: Righty
  • Mag Release: Regular (left side of gun)
  • Angle of firearm: Slight Angle 10°
  • Belt Size: 1.5″
  • Primary Use: Inside the waistband
  • Waist Size: Used to dimensionally mold the holster to your body shape.
  • Male, Female: Male
  • How did you hear about us? Other
  • Front Colour: Dark Grey
  • Back Colour: Black
  • Price tag: $ 70.00
  • -Lightweight, sturdy kydex
  • -Involves a set of inside and outside the waistband belt loops
  • -Adjustable retention
  • -Compatible with our M.O.L.L.E. backplate for a wide selection of carry choices

Double Pistol Mag Carrier – My Selections

  • Mag type: H&ampK P30
  • Carrier Position: Left Hip (7 – ten o’clock)
  • Round orientation: Choose Rounds facing forwards or backwards
  • Your waist size: Utilized to dimensionally mold the holster to your body shape.
  • Belt width: 1.5″
  • How tightly ought to the carrier grip the magazine? Common (secure – easy draw)
  • Front Color: Dark Grey
  • Back Colour: Black
  • Price: $ 45.00

Assessment: Springfield Armory Variety Officer Compact Model 1

The Springfield Armory Variety Officer (RO) Compact 1911 followed their full-sized Range Officer model, to answer the demand for a more compact version, Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Barrel: 4″ stainless steel match grade, totally supported ramp, Bull
  • Caliber: 9mm or 45 ACP (I tested the 45)
  • Recoil Method: Dual Spring with Complete Length Guide Rod
  • Frame: Forged Aluminum Alloy, Black Hardcoat Anodized
  • Magazines: Accepts short 6-round “officer’s model” magazines rather than full-sized 1911 mags (Two incorporated)
  • Grips: Compact RO Double Diamond Thin Line Rosewood
  • Sights: Red fiber optic front, Low-profile combat two-dot rear
  • Slide: Forged carbon steel, Parkerized
  • Safety: Extended, only on left side
  • Beavertail extended grip security
  • Hammer: Delta style “speed hammer”
  • Trigger: Aluminum match grade, 5-pound pull
  • Lowered &amp flared ejection port
  • Weight (with empty magazine): 28.five ounces
  • Height: 5″
  • Length: 7.6″
  • Paddle holster included

I was pleased to discover that Springfield Armory now puts ramped barrels on all their 1911s with a barrel length of significantly less than five inches. This could appear to be a needless upgrade, but it is not. When dealing with aluminum frames on 1911s, many instances the frame’s feed ramp will get buggered-up — point getting that the ramped barrels on SA 1911s contribute to much more trustworthy feeding — my RO Compact sample had zero malfunctions in the course of my testing.

The RO Compact also comes with a double magazine pouch, which tends to make me want Springfield had included three mags (a single for the gun and two for the mag pouch). You also get some spare fiber optic rod material, must you break the 1 in the front sigh or wish to change it to a distinct colour.

My sample was really tightly place with each other, which was nice. It was also soaked in oil, so a excellent cleaning was required before use.

From my ammo locker, I pulled a great assortment of 45 ACP ammo for testing:

  • Black Hills 185-grain JHP
  • Black Hills steel case 185-grain JHP
  • Black Hills 230-grain JHP
  • Black Hills steel case 230-grain JHP
  • Black Hills 230-grain FMJ
  • Buffalo Bore 160-grain TAC-XP HP
  • Buffalo Bore 160-grain TAC-XP HP +P
  • Buffalo Bore 185-grain TAC-XP +P
  • Buffalo Bore 200-grain JHP +P
  • Buffalo Bore 230-grain FMJ +P

I ran half a dozen mags through the RO Compact, mixing the above ammo. This is always a fantastic test of reliability… mixing diverse bullet weights, FMJ, JHP, etc… and it never ever as soon as hinted of a malfunction, even even though I fired the pistol as quickly as I could pull the trigger.

I couldn’t inform you the number of instances I’ve mixed distinct kinds of bullet shapes and makes of ammo in the identical magazine, only to have it stutter or jam the gun. Not so with the RO Compact. I fired close to 400 rounds via the RO Compact and the gun wasn’t cleaned over the course of numerous shooting sessions, with no issues at all.

I fired the gun at 25 yards, resting it on a sleeping bag, over the hood of my SUV. No groups were bigger than four inches, and this little pistol had a couple of really wonderful groups. With the Black Hills 230-graiain JHP load I had a couple groups slightly beneath 3 inches. With the Buffalo Bore 185-grain TAC-XP +P regularly gave me groups smaller than 3 inches.

The recoil spring setup on the RO Compact is stout, and I was certain I was going to have to failures with the Buffalo Bore 160-grain low recoil loads, but I was wrong — and this load is a pussycat to shoot in the RO Compact.

Complete retail on the RO Compact is $ 989, and Gallery of Guns has iit for $ 899. Is this small gun worth that cash? You’d far better believe it is! I’ve owned numerous other 1911s that expense a lot a lot more, and they didn’t shoot practically as great as the RO Compact did, nor have been they as nicely put-collectively.

About the only “change” I would make would be to feed the tiny gun with 7-round mags alternatively of the 6-rounders that come with the gun. And let’s not overlook about Springfield’s limited lifetime warranty, which is one particular of the very best in the business. If something goes wrong or breaks on one particular of their guns, they fix it — easy as that.

It is challenging for me to uncover a 1911 that I’m not willing to customize to my own liking, but the RO Compact is excellent to go appropriate out of the box, if you ask me. So if you are in the industry for a new compact 1911 pistol, take a close appear at the Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact.

Mossberg’s ATR Deer Thugs Rifle Assessment

Contrary to well-liked belief, we writers don’t make a lot of money, and we don’t get free of charge guns. Right after testing, new guns have to be returned or purchased, and most of the time I can’t afford to get them. In other words, I’m a bargain hunter just like everyone else.


Enter the Mossberg ATR “Deer Thugs” high-powered rifle in 30-06 — it does come in other calibers, but it is tough to go wrong with 30-06 for most huge game hunting. Even even though I do not hunt much these days, I do appreciate practicing my shooting on a paper target. I ran across this slightly-utilized (about 98% condition) “Deer Thugs” rifle at my regional FFL dealer. It also came with a no-name 3x-9x 30mm scope on it — and when I say no-name, I imply there was no maker’s name on the scope – period! Nonetheless, the scope gives a nice clear sight picture, so who am I to judge?


A quick look at the ATR model is in order. It is a 4+1 shot rifle, with no magazine floor plate. That implies that you have to unload it by operating each round by means of the action by cycling the bolt. Straightforward enough, but I would have liked a floor plate to ease unloading. The barrel is 22 inches lengthy and partially fluted. Fluting makes the barrel lighter and stiffer, and in theory it can help make the gun much more accurate.

Length of pull is 13.25″ (ideal for me) and there is a nice recoil pad on the butt stock. The left side of the stock has a raised cheek rest, and I can take or leave them these days. The receiver and barrel are matte blue and the synthetic stock is covered with Mossy Oak Break Up camo — really cool-hunting. On the right side of the butt stock is “Deer Thugs” in big bold black lettering.

The rifle weighs in at only 7 pounds and I’m certain the synthetic stock accounts for keeping the weight down. One excellent feature is the LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) adjustable trigger pull. My sample ATR had a ideal 3 1/two pound trigger pull, and I didn’t see any need to have to adjust it up or down – it was excellent for my wants. There are also Weaver-style bases on the receiver — where the no-name scope was mounted.

All in all, not a negative rifle, Complete retail is $ 476.00 (without a scope) but I’ve noticed the ATR brand-new in big box shops for about $ 300.00 with wood stocks. I paid $ 299.00 for my employed Deer Thugs with the no-name scope and synthetic stock (which has sling attachment points built in). General length of my ATR is 42 inches and brand-new guns come with a two-year warranty.

My local FFL dealer threw in a partial box of 30-06 Winchester 150 grain Energy Point Soft Point ammo that he had in the back room. I ran right out to my usual shooting spot to see what type of a shooter this gun would be. I set up a target at 25 yards and unleashed 3 rounds. When I checked the target, I was shocked to see that the rounds have been all more than the spot. Right after firing two more three-round groups, one particular thing was clear: my gun just didn’t want to group extremely nicely.

I took the rifle house and I gave it a very good cleaning with Italian Gun Grease’s “Copper Eliminator” which gets any copper fouling out of a barrel. I also took the stock off to appear items more than and examine the adjustable trigger, and every little thing looked fine. I then checked the scope rings and located the difficulty. Whoever had mounted the scope hadn’t tightened the scope rings at all. I added some blue LocTite to the screws and snugged them down just before even thinking about heading back out to shoot my new toy.

Heavy rain delayed my next outing, but that gave me time to get some premium ammo — so I contacted Black Hills Ammunition and Buffalo Bore Ammunition for some of their 30-06 fodder. Due to low inventory, Black Hills only had 155 grain Hornady A-Max ammo, and Buffalo Bore only had 150 grain Spitzer Super Charged ammo. I’m a single of these guys who believes that particular kinds of calibers in rifles are made to fire a specific kind/weight of bullet in order to get the most out of the caliber. In this case, I think that the grand ol’ 30-06 functions very best with 165 grain bullets — just me, I guess.

Ahead of my ammo arrived, I took the ATR out on my front deck, and set up the Laserlyte “Six Pack” laser bore sighter target on a tree that is 25 yards from my front deck. This is a particular reflective target, and when you place the Laserlyte laser in the barrel of your rifle and then look by means of your scope, it will show you whether the barrel is aligned with the scope. Less difficult to do than to explain. Fundamentally, you location the laser into the finish of the rifle barrel, turn it on, and aim your gun at the center of the target. The laser shines where your bore is pointed, and you adjust your scope’s crosshairs to coincide with that spot. In this case, my no-name scope was off fairly a bit.


With out making any additional adjustments, I headed out to the range. I set up my target at 100 yards, and employing the hood of my SUV and a rolled-up sleeping bag as a rest, I began my testing. 1st up was the Buffalo Bore Super Charged 150 garin Spitzer round, which gave me a nice three-shot group that measured just shy of an inch and a half. Yet another 3 shots made the same benefits.

I should say that the groups were both a little high and to the correct, but this was actually pretty impressive because I’d only boresighted it ahead of firing it at one hundred yards.

Next up was the Black Hills 155 grain Hornady A-Max round, which surprised me when I examined the target… to my surprise, two shots were touching and the other was just under them – for a 3-shot group of one particular inch!

A great writer knows when to put a gun down and grab the camera. I brought the target back to my car and took a picture of the group ahead of carrying out any more firing. Alas, I wasn’t capable to duplicate that initial group with the Black Hills ammo, though I came close. Most three-shot groups measured 1.25 to 1.50 inches — proper in there with the Buffalo Bore ammo. In my book, that is excellent accuracy from a “budget” high-powered rifle.

I haven’t tried any other 30-06 loads, but I strategy on obtaining out there with a various variety ammo as soon as I can get hold of some. I think that with the right ammo (all guns have a preference when it comes to which ammo will shoot the ideal in it), I ought to be capable to preserve 100-yard groups inside one inch… perhaps even a small better if I can do my component.


At some point, I’ll almost certainly replace the no-name scope with a better a single, although the no-name scope did the job it was supposed to do. Nevertheless, I’d rather have a better 3x-9x 40mm scope on this ATR. Other than adding a sling and an ammo sleeve on the butt stock, I haven’t changed anything on this rifle, and I do not see any want to make any much more changes other than the scope.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of gun these days, and this ATR Deer Thugs proves that. I’ve had other “bargain” high-powered rifles do just as effectively as this Mossberg ATR, a single brand in distinct is Savage — they are effectively-recognized in the sector for creating good accuracy at reasonable rates.

Certain, it is good to have an pricey large-name firearm with a beautiful wood stock and a thousand-dollar scope. But in reality, if you are on a limited budget and you find a great deal on a spending budget priced gun that can shoot nicely, I have to question: Why commit far more funds, when you may not get more gun for that income?

Liberty Centurion 12 Gun Protected Assessment

I have a massive Fat Boy Liberty Secure and a couple of wall safes, but soon after a lot discussion and a “reshuffling” of higher value things, my wife and I wanted an additional modest-to-mid-sized larger security secure in our bedroom to shop our house defense AR 15s, concealed carry handguns and a couple of other items we wanted out of attain of the little ones. We thought about adding another in-wall secure, but we merely had as well a lot crap to stuff into an additional wall secure.


I looked to Liberty Protected for a slim heavy-duty protected to slip into the closet and located that their Centurion series of safes match our wants effectively. Centurion series safes are available in 12-, 14-, and 24-gun sizes we chose the 12-gun model for about $ 550 delivered.

What is the Centurion Line?

The Centurion line is a reduced-expense line of Liberty safes. They have a good fire rating, but are a bit much more spartan than several other Liberty safes interiors are plain and interior shelving is fixed rather than customizable.

The Centurion’s finish, wall thickness, combination lock, locking mechanism, and door locking bolt count is also a step down from their greater-end safes. At $ 520, it is nonetheless a great good quality secure, but Liberty wanted to supply a strong and safe, reduced-priced choice and required to reduce costs someplace. Based on the 4 months I have owned and utilized the secure, I believe they struck a wonderful balance between the rates and characteristics of the the Centurion Series.

One thing I would like to add to the secure is a light kit to assure that firearms could be accessed speedily, even in the dark.

Taking Delivery

The delivery was related to my Fat Boy protected, but this time I chose curbside delivery rather than in-property placement. Delivery took about six weeks due to a mixup, but my new Liberty Centurion secure was dropped off in my driveway prepared for me to unbox and unbolt from the delivery and shipping pallet.

As soon as the new safe was freed from its packaging, I secured it to a two-wheeled hand cart with ratcheting straps to give us some thing to grip and make the move and placement infinitely less complicated. Regardless of the weight of the secure, the move up two flights of stairs was surprisingly rapid and uneventful (though exhausting), with a light assist from Mrs. Pandemic. When I had it in place, I slipped a 1/2″ spacer below the front of the safe to level it and then secured it to the wall and floor with bolts to avert movement or tampering.


In contrast to the rest of the the safes in the residence, we do not have the new 1 loaded down but. I say “yet” simply because I am confident the contents will grow more than time, but at the moment we have lots of area in the secure and can easily and rapidly access the contents.

Notable Functions

Even though this is a less-exotic model than some other individuals, it nevertheless has a couple of notable internal features. The inside surface of the left, proper, and rear walls have the common wavy gun “racks” for propping up a dozen guns. There is a single strong shelf, which is high adequate to let most rifles and shotguns to be loaded into the secure with no the shelf getting in the way. For most homeowners, this is an economical remedy to shop guns and other valuables in a modest and unobtrusive footprint within the closet.

Final Thoughts

People have a tendency to go gaga more than the newest firearm, but neglect to securely shop those that they have. I advise gun owners to set aside some of your “fun money” to purchase a secure to secure your firearms from thieves and overly curious youngsters.

I know of a father who came home to find that his son had “loaded” a grilled cheese sandwich into the father’s unloaded and cable-locked Remington 870. Oops! A protected can prevent such issues, even though nonetheless enabling quickly access in an emergency.

Though this safe has a standard dial-kind combination lock as an alternative of a digital a single, my wife and I operate the combination–all but the last number–each night before we go to bed, to speed up access just in case.

The Liberty Centurion safe does the job of securing your firearms and valuables in a modest space with out breaking the bank. I just wonder if I require another one for guests in the additional bedroom in case this one particular gets as well complete.


  • Security Rating: Non-UL
  • Door Variety: Composite
  • Door Thickness: 1″ composite door
  • Door Bolt: Sides 2-Sided Military Style locking bars
  • Body Steel Thickness: 14 Gauge
  • Total Body Thickness: .75″
  • Lock: Combination/Essential, Sargent &amp Greenleaf™
  • Lock Sort: S&ampG UL Listed Mixture lock (no crucial)
  • Relocker Kind: Fail-Safe™, Punch and Drill
  • Bolt Locking Variety: Direct Cam Drive
  • Bolt Diameter: 4″ Military Style Locking Bars
  • Bolt Protector Variety: Triple Hardplates
  • Fire Minutes: 30 Minutes
  • Fire Rating: 1200°/30 Minutes
  • Layers: 3 in ceiling and door, 1 on sides and doorjambs
  • Door Seal: Heat-Activated, Expanding Palusol™
  • Upholstery: Fully Upholstered
  • Interior: Lighting optional
  • Door Panel: None Accessory Door Panel Accessible
  • Bolt Count: 10
  • Long-Gun Storage (Approx): 12
  • Interior Type: Gun Only
  • Dimensions: H x W x D (Depth consists of handle spokes installed Add 1.5″ for optional
  • outlet kit) 59.5″ x 18.25″ x 18″
  • Exterior Height: 59.5″
  • Exterior Width: 18.25″
  • Exterior Depth (Consists of manage spokes installed Add 1.5″ for optional outlet kit): 18″
  • FOOTPRINT (Width x Depth): 18.25″ x 16″
  • Exterior Cubic Feet (secure physique only): ten.1
  • Interior Height: 57.4″
  • Interior Width: 16.7″
  • Interior Depth: 11.6″
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 6.four
  • Weight: 247 lbs.
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • MSRP $ 579
  • Starting Price $ 519