Evaluation: CroMagnon Humanoid “Self-Healing” 3D Targets

CroMagnon Targets are modular polymer facsimiles of genuine humans, solid and three-dimensional. They can absorb thousands of rounds of non-expanding bullets or buckshot. High wear items (i.e. heads) may be replaced separately. Offered in green and yellow, they are meant to represent generic human male and female targets for use as either foe, hostage, or bystander.


A variety of t-shirts are presented along with them, and of course the targets can be dressed in any old garments or rags, such as camouflage to make them much more difficult to spot. The realistic nature of the faces assists situation defenders who might be unused to firing at something other than stylized paper or featureless steel.


Considering that the polymer doesn’t lead to ricochets, firing may possibly be done safely even at speak to distance. At present, the targets are moved around on a two-wheel cart with a trail, but an armored motorized remote controlled base is in the final development stages.


Once animated, these targets add considerably to realism. With no it, hits on target are not apparent, the “opponent” may not fall right after a single or two hits, and it moves unpredictably.


Different personas and scenarios are feasible, and shoot/no shoot markers in the form of cell phones, guns, knives and other objects might be attached. Even though they’re not low-cost, these targets are incredibly sturdy and should be long-lasting. As opposed to steel, they may be safely shot up close without requiring frangible bullets. Unlike paper, they are 3-dimensional and give a better understanding of how targeting of vitals functions.


We “know” from films that shotgun blasts knock targets off their feet and make them fly back 3 to five yards. Physics class memories argue that it’s unlikely. Taking a 120-pound 3D polymer target and whacking it with many swarms of buckshot tends to make liars of Hollywood unique effects teams. We attempted the same shots with rifles and identified even significantly less movement of the target.


The back of the 3D mannequin looked pockmarked, but it didn’t even feel of falling over. It appears that the films may have exaggerated the quantity of push imparted by little arms projectiles.


Evaluation: Hatsan 125 Sniper Vortex Airgun Rifle

Most of us had BB guns when we were children. Effectively I’m here to tell you the Hatsan Model 125 Sniper Vortex pellet rifle is no child’s toy. Here’s a quick rundown of the specs:

  • Accessible in many calibers (I tested the 22)
  • .177 = 1250 fps rated
  • .22 = 1000 fps rated
  • .25 = 750 fps rated
  • Single shot
  • Break-barrel design
  • Vortex Gas Piston technologies
  • Monte Carlo stock with cheek rest
  • Length: 48.8″
  • Barrel Length: 19.6″
  • Rear Sight: .35″ green Truglo fiber optic
  • Front Sight: .60″ red Truglo fiber optic
  • Sling
  • Bipod
  • Optima three-9×32 Scope
  • Dual security
  • Quattro trigger

The Sniper 125 model is fitted with Hatsan’s Shock Absorber Technique (SAS), which substantially reduces vibration. There’s an integrated sound moderator fitted to the muzzle — sort of a sound suppressor (silencer).

There is also Hatsan’s Triopad butt technique, which utilizes a heavy-duty rubber recoil pad and three stock spacers, so you can fit the stock to you (and to handle recoil). When firing the gun, it sounds like a 22 caliber rifle with a silencer on it — cool!


The Quattro two-stage totally adjustable trigger allows you to adjust take-up as well as the trigger pull weight. The gun was set up perfectly for me just as it was, so I didn’t see any sense in playing around with the trigger pull.

We also have soft rubber inlays on the forearm and grip of the stock providing a great feel and much better manage of the rifle in all weather situations. There is also a scope rail mount, and a nice 3x-9x 32mm scope comes with the gun. The rear sight is micro adjustable with two small green Truglo fiber optic inserts, and the front sight has a red fiber optic. These sights are quite quick to pick up, since your eye is just drawn instinctively to them.


You also get a nice sling and a polymer bipod. The barrel is precision rifled, and there is a manual security as well as an automatic security — so no fears of the gun firing as you are cocking it. I also got a container of 500 pellets, so this gun was ready to fire out of the box.

My greatest complaint is that this rifle weighs about 9 pounds, which is heavier than several large-game hunting rifles.

I was anxious to test this rifle, and considering that I live in the country and it’s quiet, I tested it appropriate at residence. I set up a target at 25 yards, rested the gun on its bipod, and let loose. I pulled the very first shot to the appropriate, but the other 9 shots I fired grouped effectively inside an inch. I really feel like I could do much better than that with much more practice.

Cocking this gun takes a lot of strength – and I mean a LOT. Right after all, that energy to propel pellets at 1,000 feet per second has to come from some place. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to fire far more than 50 pellets through this rifle in 1 sitting, simply because it was as well considerably work cocking the gun.

I also wanted to see what this rifle would do to a full aluminum soda can. In my finite “wisdom” I placed the can just 25 feet away and I shook it up 1st. My first shot was best and the can exploded and sprayed soda on me.


As you can see from the image, it the can looks like it was hit with a quite strong round as an alternative of a little .22 caliber pellet. I was more than a little impressed with the accuracy and the energy of the Sniper 125 model.

I have moles in my yard, and sometimes I’ll sit on my front deck and wait to see a mole mound come up, so I can shoot the tiny bugger as his head appears. Now I can shoot ’em with the “silenced” Hatsan Sniper 125 pellet rifle without disturbing the neighbors with a gun shot.

If you are in the market place for a new rifle and want anything just a small bit different for your collection or pest manage or even modest game hunting, you may possibly want to take a look at the Hatsan 125 Sniper rifle. With an MSRP of $ 418 (though observed as low as $ 250 on Amazon), it is not “cheap” by a extended shot, but you do get extras, and some advantages over a 22 rimfire rifle.

As a survival rifle for taking little game without having bothering the neighbors (or to keep from drawing focus to oneself in a SHTF situation), for residence pest manage, or just for target practice, I think this is a great air rifle.

When this pellet rifle arrived, I figured it would be just one more child’s toy. Boy was I incorrect — this is a huge boy toy that can give you hours of shooting pleasure.


Evaluation: Diamond Archery Edge SB-1

There is no denying that the archery business has responded to the “youth movement” greater than just about any business you can think about. Yes, youth bows and accessories have been around for a lengthy time, but the range, good quality, and number of choices has elevated drastically.

Most bow manufacturers have had to ramp up production to hold up with demand for youth bows and that is very good for all of us.


Oldest grandson, Carson, is comfortable shooting the Diamond Edge SB-1 soon after just five minutes of adjustment.

Diamond Archery has been an active player in the youth market place and they have just released their newest “do-it-all” bow for the increasing archer. The Diamond Edge SB-1 is a single of the most adaptable bows you can purchase for your young arrow-flinger and the important thing to bear in mind is you can adjust it yourself without the help of an archery shop.

Diamond Edge Adjustability
One spot where the Diamond Edge SB-1 shines is at the bottom finish of the draw weight scale. Almost each parent that has pushed the envelope to get their young youngster started in archery has found that a six or seven-year-old has a challenging time drawing a lot weight. It is an unfamiliar motion and it can take some time till they construct up the needed muscle.

The excellent news is the Edge SB-1 has a bottom-finish draw weight of just seven pounds, light enough for practically any youngster to manage from day one. There is no frustrating wait for the youngster to get large enough or robust sufficient to commence the entertaining portion – flinging arrows.


The Binary Cam on the Edge SB-1 is simply adjustable to draw length just by removing three screws and setting the module to the right draw length.

The draw-weight variety on the Edge SB-1 runs from seven to 70 pounds, which is as wide a variety as I’ve seen. And the draw length range, an equally essential issue, is also wide, ranging from just 15” to a complete 30”, which will cover each and every kid out there at least until they commence playing college basketball.

Simple Directions
And to allay any fears of those parents who are not sure they can adjust their new Edge SB-1 to their youngster, Diamond has a net page that supplies in-depth guidelines. At that web site there are instructional videos to assist you adjust draw length, draw weight, and arrow rest, plus suggestions on shooting form, grip, and anchor point. You can practically have tiny to no understanding of archery and swiftly get your kid to the point where they can shoot arrows and hit what they’re aiming at.


To create a new archer, basically add arrows, and a target.

I tested the versatility of this bow by adjusting it to two of my grandsons. The youngest, Easton, is ten years old with a 20” draw length. He has a slight develop so there isn’t a lot of energy in these arms just yet. Just by loosening 3 screws on every single cam I was able to set the Edge SB-1 to the 20” mark in just two minutes.

I loosened the limb bolts, which have a unique constructed-in scale so you can set both limbs to the exact very same spot. In less than 5 minutes Easton could comfortably draw the bow, hold it, and shoot it. All that was left was to adjust the included sight to his arrow trajectory.

Ideal for Youth
However, just before I did that I adjusted this bow to my oldest grandson, Carson, who is 14 years old, 5’ 10” and an experienced bowhunter with 5 turkeys and two deer to his credit. His draw length is currently 27” so I adjusted the cams to his draw length in less than two minutes, cranked up the draw weight a handful of turns and he was shooting arrows with the very same bow Easton was shooting just minutes earlier.


My grandson, Easton, at full draw with the new Diamond Edge SB-1.

Of course, it wouldn’t be practical to buy 1 bow and adjust it back and forth for two distinct youngsters. Little ones do not like to wait for their turn to shoot and constant adjustment would render the sight pins useless. The crucial right here is that you can buy a Diamond Edge SB-1 and steadily adjust it to your youngster throughout their early shooting years as they develop. With Carson we had to add an inch to his draw length every spring and perhaps an additional inch by fall, but he is in his growth spurt proper now.

Other features rounding out this extremely versatile bow consist of a light, three.6 lb. mass weight, and accessories like an Octane 5-arrow quiver, Octane Hostage arrow rest and Apex three-pin sight.


Easton acquiring in the 1st couple of arrows at a mule deer target.

To create a new archer, basically add arrows, a target and the easiest-to-find ingredient of all — a prepared youngster. The fun will come naturally.



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