The “Light Side” Of Fishing Pliers

Here’s a new and novel way to make utilizing fishing pliers easier in poor light situations. MadBite’s new and unique MadBrite Lighted Fishing Pliers allow anglers to concentrate a bright beam of light directly on a fish for de-hooking or for other angling work.

MadBite’s MadBrite complete-sized 7.5 inch hardened aluminum alloy pliers function an ultra-bright 18000 millicandela LED bulb that focuses an incredibly vibrant beam of light directly on the job.

Produced of durable hardened aluminum alloy, the spring loaded six.five-ounce lighted fishing plier’s precision jaws feature a split ring tool, replaceable tungsten carbide braided fishing line cutters, crimpers, non-slip silicone grip handles, and stainless steel saltwater corrosion resistant components.

These pliers eliminate the need to have to hold a flashlight during nighttime fishing, which can quicken catch and release.  The LED light turns on and off with a twist.

Cost-effective MadBite MadBrite lighted pliers do away with bulky head lamps or obtaining to hold a flashlight in your teeth.  A bonus is that the light is focused directly on the job so there’s significantly less possibility of shining a light on the water and spooking fish.

MadBite MadBrite lighted fishing pliers use effortlessly replaceable and readily offered LR41 batteries and are incorporated with the tool.  MadBrite 7.5 inch lighted pliers have an In-Retailer Retail Price tag of $ 47.98 and an On-Line Direct Value of $ 32.98.

They are offered online in a variety of colors at, and other on-line retailers.

Glow-On Super Phosphorescent Paint Assists Brighten Gun Sights, Fishing Lures

With archery and basic hunting seasons rapidly approaching some sportsmen may possibly be hunting for some thing to brighten up their hunting sights — specifically iron sights on shotguns.

Final spring I attempted a not-so-new product called “Glow-On Super Phosphorescent” paint to brighten my turkey shotgun sights. I’d been obtaining problems picking up the front and rear sights in low light, and that led to some exciting and close encounters with gobblers.
A little browsing on the web, and talking with close friends, led to the created-in-America “Glow-On Super Phosphorescent” paint resolution, and it is really amazing. It is offered in several colors, and just a dab or two on a sight makes it glow so even old eyes have no difficulty seeing sights in diminishing daylight.
The Phosphorescent paint demands a charge from a light source prior to it glowing. But a minute or so in a flashlight beam prior to dawn hunting has proved all that is needed.
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The phosphorescent paint also tends to make lures glow, which is a turn on for numerous predator gamefish, particularly at evening. A bit of flashlight beam on a jig head or plug that is painted, and the lure shines vibrant. Anglers should note that even throughout daylight hours sunlight penetration into deep, dark water is minimal, so Phosphorescent paint may be a trigger that takes fish when nothing else will.

iCAST Overview: St. Croix Legend Casting Rods Perfect For Deep Crankbait Fishing

I’ve got a lot of fond memories fishing with St. Croix fiberglass rods. Some of my earliest and preferred spinning and bait-casting rods have been produced by this wonderful independent rod manufacturer headquartered in central Wisconsin. I nevertheless use a vintage 7-foot fiberglass fly rod with the St. Croix label, and well keep in mind a lot of evenings on trout streams in Pennsylvania, the Midwest and far West, when that rod served well on stream rainbows, browns, cutthroats and brookies.

Effectively St. Croix is back with a new premium line of “Legend Glass IPC Casting Rods,” and they have the very same deep and rich honey-brown colour their original rods had. The new rod line not only harks back to St. Croix’s fiberglass rod roots, but offer an benefit for some anglers who prefer a bit of a delay in rod sensitivity to improve hook-ups from fish (chiefly deep bass). For this cause crankbait anglers will be specifically pleased with this new rod line.

These modern day Legend Glass IPC Casting Rods function premium linear S-Glass blanks. Made to get rid of all transitional points in the rod blank, IPC rods function smoother actions, and enhanced strength, although 100 percent linear S-glass is  also stronger, lighter and larger in modulus than standard, woven E-glass rods. The final results are the ideal, higher-functionality fiberglass rods ever developed.

Fuji K Series Idea Tangle Totally free guides with Alconite rings and polished frames are ideal for super braid, mono and fluorocarbon lines. The sloped frames and rings on these premium guides operate to effectively shed line tangles before they can cause difficulties.

There are 4 new rods in the line, from medium to medium-heavy actions, measuring from just more than 7-feet to just under eight-feet in length.

Retail cost is about $ 250.

Wonderful Fishing Locations: Tarpon — Florida Keys

Catching a one hundred-pound class tarpon in 3 feet of water might be the ultimate enjoyable in fishing, particularly when a fly rod is utilised.  “Sight-fishing” is fascinating for all species of fish.  But casting a 3-inch streamer fly to a pod of 50 tarpon as long as the angler is tall, is enough to give the clammy-hand willies to any person.  You do not have to fly fish, as spinning tackle and plug gear catch a lot of tarpon each and every year, and bait fishermen score, too.  But if you like to fly fish, pack the extended rod and lots of shock leader material.

Good sight-fishing for tarpon can be discovered practically anywhere in the Keys throughout the height of the tarpon run in Could and June.  But the hubs of flats fishing tarpon activity are Islamorada, Marathon and Key West.  Great fishing for tarpon out of these island communities also can be had via summer time into early fall.

This is small boat fishing, and it’s specialized sport.  You can do it on your personal in a modest skiff or bass boat, but discover the ropes 1st from a very good guide.  A lot of excellent ones are headquartered in the area, but most are booked strong. The  is a great location to find a guide that is offered.  For accommodation data, plus fishing information, get in touch with the Florida Keys &amp Important West people, 800-352-5397.