A Massive Win for Public Hunting Land

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz underestimated the collective voice of hunters across the country when he introduced his bill — H.R. 621. Basically, this bill would have allowed nicely more than three,000,000 acres of public land to be sold off in what Chaffetz describes as “The long overdue disposal of excess federal lands…”


The hunters’ collective voice has successfully killed a bill that would have allowed nicely over 3,000,000 acres of public land to sooner or later be sold off.

The reasoning? Fiscal duty and the argument that if the land were below state manage as opposed to the feds, it would be managed for better income. There’s a hell of a lot of precedent out there that argues otherwise, which implies that an awful lot of the federal land that ends up being transferred to state ownership then gets decorated with a for-sale sign. Following that, it is no longer yours or mine. It’s private.

What surprised me about this problem is that it’s largely a western dilemma right now. This is not meant to say that bowhunters across the nation shouldn’t be concerned, because they need to. But the ten states that would have been impacted by H.R. 621 location all west of the Mississippi, most by at least half of a day of drive time or a lot more.

Even understanding this, hunters banded together and bombarded Chaffetz with messages that told him he wasn’t in a position to give up land that belongs to all of us. To his credit, he heard us loud and clear and admitted so and killed the bill. That is a big win for all of us, but to me also shows one thing else that is going on in our nation.

Hunting One-Percenters
Even though I grew up hunting public land, I didn’t rely on it solely. I do not today either, but I do hunt at least four or 5 states a year whilst never ever setting foot on private ground. Public land is essential to me for a lot of factors. About seven years ago, as a struggling outdoor writer, I was looking for a way to differentiate myself from the pack. The apparent route to take was to turn down most of the guided/outfitted hunts I was presented and go do items on my personal. On public land.


The potential loss of public land at the hands of greedy politicians is no joke. Not too long ago, hunters stood up for themselves and demanded that public land stay public.

What I accidentally fell into was an undercurrent in our hunting culture exactly where an awful lot of us are tired of the one particular-percenter mentality surrounding bowhunting. Now, I’ve got nothing at all against anybody going on a guided hunt, or purchasing a killer piece of deer ground to grow bucks. I enjoy America — a lot — and I enjoy our possibilities to do as we please.

I just feel that an individual in my position, who is being paid to dispense hunting tips, should probably be actually hunting. Not just displaying up and being told where I’ll kill anything. Again, I’m not saying I will not go on guided hunts, simply because I will at some point. I just feel that it’s my obligation to hunt exactly where other folks hunt, and to knowledge what most of us encounter.


Do you like public land? You are not alone. The chance to hunt and fish ground we all own is anything that tends to make this country so specific.

There is no far better way to do that than to chase whitetails, elk, mule deer, antelope and turkeys on public land. I firmly believe that just as I firmly admit there is much more to it for me personally than boiling it down to a company selection.

We Are Different
I pointed out that I love America, and I certainly do. A single of the motives I really like it so much is that we have public land. A lot of it. There is no spot in the world that provides up hunting possibilities to everybody very the way we do. Even if each and every piece of private ground got leased up and most of us got locked out, we’d nonetheless have places to hunt. Granted, they may possibly not be dream properties that we see on outdoor television, but to be fair, they never ever were. At least not for deer. Western critters are somewhat of a diverse story, although comparing public versus private elk hunting is is an apples-to-aardvarks endeavor.


Want to hunt for oneself and target any critter that will make you pleased? If so, public land may well be just want you need.

Either way, no one sets foot on most public land expecting idiot animals with cute names that have been shielded from arrows and bullets for most of their life so that they can mature. That is not how it works. Rather, you’re permitted the possibility to hunt. That is essential. You can go out on public land, and aside from a really modest percentage of tightly controlled parcels, you can generally target what ever critter you’d like.

That indicates that not only do you have the freedom to roam wherever you’d like inside the boundaries, you can also hunt for yourself. These are two components of public-land hunting that I am personally a extremely huge fan of.

Go Ahead, Puff Your Chest Out
Of course, if you do happen to uncover some achievement on public land you are probably going to be damn proud of oneself. I say, as lengthy as you don’t get too gross about it, go ahead. Really feel proud. You’ve participated in the most hard hunting in the country and come out on top. You deserve a few high-fives.

Ditto for anyone who contacted their state reps more than H.R. 621. If you took the time to get involved and tell our elected officials to preserve their grubby hands off of our land, I applaud you. You have played a little, but really essential, function in maintaining this country remarkable. And you have done one thing that can not be understated.

You have sent a message that you won’t put up with an individual messing with the land that belongs to all of us. Confident, that means we will constantly have a place to hunt and fish. But it also means our children, and our kids’ children will have a spot as effectively.

Nothing at all could be much more critical than that.


Four Massive Factors Why You Want An X-Stand Ladder Stand

There are a couple of reasons why I didn’t jump on the ladder-stand bandwagon years ago. The initial is that I’m a simple hunter at heart and I am pretty reliant on lightweight hang-ons and climbers for my style of hunting. The second is that my initial experiences with ladder stands didn’t win me more than.

Ladder stands, in common, are heavy, clunky, and not all that effortless to set up. Confident, they are super comfy and secure as soon as you do get them fully strapped onto the tree, but the function beforehand is not much fun. And climbing into a shaky ladder stand that is loosely connected to a tree to finish the job of obtaining it safely attached ranks proper up there with volunteering for a root canal.


For high-site visitors regions or smaller sized properties with limited stand web sites, ladder stands offer you the ultimate in comfort and security.

To make matters worse, I have a healthful worry of heights. I get more than it every single year since I love deer hunting so considerably, but there are particular items that I won’t, or at the extremely least, hate undertaking. Climbing onto a ladder stand to finish the setup approach is way up on that list.

All of that mentioned, although, I am slowly migrating my stand setups to include ladder stands because they offer some advantages for specific types of bowhunting conditions that other varieties of stands can’t. Here are four reasons why my pondering has changed.

1. Excellent For Modest Properties
Mobility just may be the most underrated aspect of becoming a profitable bowhunter. Taking the hunt to the deer, instead of waiting for action, which could or could not take place, is crucial. It’s not, nonetheless, possible in each situation.


X-Stand’s ladder stands supply numerous points of safety all through the setup stage, so that they are a lot safer to climb into.

Take the small-house bowhunter. If you’re operating with ten or 20 acres, you are not likely to be overloaded with fresh spots to hunt. 1 good good quality stand may cover you on a home like that, and if that’s the case, you may as well put up a comfy, secure ladder stand.

2. Great For High-site visitors Locations
This also goes for those spots that merely generate all season long. I’ve located these regions in transition routes and funnels, and I tend to hang stands in them every summer time since I know I’ll sit there every month of the season.


Right here, jaws on the Jaw Security Technique are open. Pulling on the cable tightens the jaws firmly around the tree.

Once more, rather of setting up a modest hang-on, I’ll carry in a ladder stand so that I can completely appreciate my time watching more than those higher-targeted traffic spots.

3. Excellent For Kill Plots
This is also my approach when it comes to hunting small meals plots. For me, kill plots constantly go in places exactly where I expect deer to travel already, so the added groceries just improve the appeal of a top quality spot. Kill plots are no-brainer setups for a quality ladder stand, specially if you plant a mix of goodies that will appeal to deer effectively into the cold, late-season months.

four. Super Safe
Safety is a quantity-a single concern of mine when it comes to treestands. I’ve had my share of close calls, like 1 incident that resulted in a busted rib following one of my screw-in measures broke loose on me. More not too long ago, I had a section of climbing sticks give up their grip and send me on an unwanted bungee jump through my security harness and lifeline.

A ladder stand significantly reduces the dangers of falling, but it doesn’t totally take away the opportunity that gravity can take more than. This, as I’ve talked about, becomes most regarding during that element of the setup when you’ve got a partially tethered stand that you require to now climb to finish affixing.


X-Stand’s Jaw Security Method makes it possible for you to secure the stand firmly to the tree by way of cables that tighten toothy jaws about the tree before you set foot on the ladder.

This difficulty is something we’ve just accepted with ladder stands, but we don’t have to. X-Stand Treestands offers a variety of ladder stands that feature one thing truly innovative—The Jaw Security System. This patent-pending technologies consists of two steel jaws that clamp around the tree to safe the stand before you leave the ground. The ingenious design and style connects a pair of cables to the jaws permitting you to tighten them up whilst you’re safely situated on terra firma.

Right after tightening up the jaws and securing the cables as effectively as the supports that connect the ladder to the lower part of the trees trunk, these stands are solid—really solid. This means that by the time you have to climb the ladder, you will not have to worry about it getting suddenly tipsy although you’re 14 feet off of the ground.


With the jaws closed, this X-Stand Treestand is now firmly attached.

When I first set up 1 of their stands, I didn’t comprehend how much I’d like this feature until I utilised it. Now I don’t want to use something else. But the all round design of their stands is actually what won me more than.

For instance, X-Stand ladder stands use Silent Snap Pins, which lock the ladder sections collectively and, unlike their predecessors, are silent—truly silent. So when you climb the ladder, you don’t hear the settling noises and the clinks offered by ladder stands of the previous.


Silent Snap Pins connect the ladder sections of X-Stands offerings, which demonstrate the tiny bowhunter friendly details identified throughout their lineup.

Information matter to bowhunters, and that is a prime instance of a firm that has sussed out the most essential, minute particulars and produced them much better (and safer) for all hunters.

Even though ladder stands are firmly entrenched in the gun hunter’s planet, they are gradually starting to acquire traction with bowhunters. The comfort provided, as effectively as the general security of a great ladder stand, like these offered by X-Stand, cannot be ignored by any bowhunter seeking to wring the most out of his time spent in the woods overlooking a higher-activity deer hotspot.