Overview: Glacier Stainless Microlite 500 Vacuum Bottle

Drinking is critical. We of the outdoors globe know this, which is why so several water bottles and Camelbak-style bladders are sold to us each and every year. We have several options of containers from which to sip and slurp our beverages of choice.

Enter the Glacier Stainless Microlite 500 lightweight, packable vacuum bottle. This is a nice-looking drinking bottle that stays slim even though providing the insulation benefits of a stainless steel vacuum bottle (believe Thermos, Yeti, and so forth). In my experience, it insulates quite well… but it is not that wonderful to drink from, and it demands a far more-secure latch.


  • Double-wall stainless vacuum bottle keeps cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot.
  • Flip-top lid signifies there’s no parts to shed (like a thermos lid/cup, for instance).
  • Slim design and style indicates it fits water bottle pockets/holders on packs and such.


  • Made in China.
  • Requirements a far better lock for the prime latch — it flooded my hunting pack with hot coffee.
  • Dispenses slowly you can not get a very good hearty swig.
  • Cleaning can be a hassle.

My Overview

I was favorably impressed when I received this bottle, and I liked the flip top and its lock, and the general top quality. So I took it apart and washed it up according to directions, which is not a huge deal but a bit of a hassle. “Always separate and clean lid spout, O-ring, and stopper seal,” says the directions, and in the finish you have four parts of the lid to wash, keep track of, and reassemble.

When the time came for a road trip to Colorado from Florida and back, I grabbed the GSI bottle. And it kept my soda cold for a good whilst, but somehow I constantly wanted far more of a swig than the little dispensing hole gives. Bummer.

Later in the trip, my buddy stepped on it… let’s just say that it won’t stand up to 250 pounds. Oops! But I got a replacement simply enough.

In further testing, I found that I nonetheless didn’t consider it dispensed beverage rapidly sufficient — but the final blow came when I filled it with coffee one particular cold morning, cautiously locked the lid shut, slipped it into my pack and headed to a deer stand to hunt.

Now, this wasn’t a lengthy hike probably significantly less than 200 yards. But when I got to the stand, I opened my pack to discover the bottle’s lid hanging wide open, half of its contents possessing been dispensed onto every thing inside of my pack.

The most woeful loss was my rangefinder, which thereafter refused to operate. Argh!

As I said, that was fairly much the final blow. A drinking bottle that won’t supply me with a good mouthful of my drink — but which will open itself and spew all more than my gear — is simply not for me.

That mentioned, it does have excellent insulation properties, and I identified it to stay cold or hot just fine.

(Photo: GSI Outdoors)

(Photo: GSI Outdoors)

Manufacturer Specs

  • Stays hot or cold up to 8 hours.
  • Thin walls are only 2mm, thinner than some single-wall plastic bottles.
  • 18/8 stainless steel.
  • Pushbutton, flip-prime cap locks closed.
  • Spring holds cap open for drinking.
  • Capacity: 500 ml (16.9 fluid ounces)
  • Weight: 7.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 9.2″ tall, 2.6″ diameter at base
  • six colors accessible: black, red, blue, stainless, orange, and funky green.
  • Item quantity: 67115 (black)
  • MSRP: $ 25.95


The GSI Glacier Stainless Microlite 500 bottle looks nice and holds heat or cold well (unless it gets stepped on), and need to perform effectively if you like to sip your drinks and you do not need the lid to lock securely. But for $ 26, I believe you can almost certainly do much better.


2017 Ozonics Overview

What would you pay to have a second chance at all the greatest bucks that winded you over the last ten years? Reflect challenging on all those antlers for a moment. And this second time about, the animal would have no thought where you were, as if you were a ghost. Does that sound intriguing to you?

Ozonics Review

Mike Carney

5 years ago, Bowhunter Magazine published the very first national, in-depth report on how ozone works and the benefits of the technologies for hunters. Our knowledge, at the time, was exclusively with ozone generators utilized to treat clothing and gear, and we have been enamored with ozone’s liberating utility: scent-cost-free clothing in 20 minutes with no washing the capability to scent-cleanse huge, bulky products like packs, boots and harnesses plus the portability of the units and their operation on AC or DC power.

When we were researching solution producers for that report, we have been introduced to Ozonics, the lone company that was advertising the use of ozone generators whilst actually hunting.

Getting a pretty decent background in understanding how ozone operates to decontaminate, cleanse and disinfect, I personally couldn’t wrap my head around it getting efficient in an open-air atmosphere, and nor could any of our staff. And we mentioned as much in that 2011 article.

I knew that ozone molecules had to come in make contact with with offensive organic elements, contaminants, germs and bacteria to eradicate them, and that it requires time and concentration for ozone molecules to obtain this. But we have been hearing lots of hype about Ozonics’ effectiveness from trusted pals in retail who had been employing the units even though really hunting. Editor Curt Wells had also heard about Ozonics from some of his buddies at Scheels who swore by in-field ozone.

Ozonics Review

Jeff Waring

Dennis Fink, who was running Ozonics’ PR efforts at the time, told me: “We do not know specifically what part of our scent signature animals react negatively to, and we’ve discovered that fairly modest amounts of ozone introduced into our downwind scent stream have a material influence on animals getting able to detect us. Try it and see for oneself.”

I did try it whilst stand hunting that fall, and was astonished at how successful it was. Used in a ground blind, it was utterly remarkable. I was eager to share my enthusiasm for the solution with our other employees members at Bowhunter, Petersen’s Bowhunting, North American Whitetail and Petersen’s Hunting magazines.

The responses I received ranged from jaded doubt to close to indifference, standard of editors who have noticed and heard it all from PR and advertising execs. I arranged for a conference call amongst our staff and Fink, and Dennis met with similar vocal derision. “Hey guys,” Fink said, “I’ll send you some loaner units for you to test this fall, and you can let us know what you consider.”

I was somewhat conflicted. On a single hand I felt like I’d just discovered some secret weapon and didn’t want anyone else similarly empowered, and on the other hand I required our staff to be as powerful in the field as possible to get excellent articles, photography, and Tv episodes.

Within a month, the e-mails and interoffice calls came pouring in, and they were all of the really good, yet bewildered nature. Actual disbelief over how efficient the HR200 units were proving to be!

Ozonics Review

Curt Wells

Being in the multimedia content material generation enterprise, any utility we can employ that tends to make us more powerful in the field — whilst saving time and funds — is one thing we’re going to take extremely seriously. And if you watch Bowhunter Tv on Sportsman Channel or on the new MOTV app — you know that any time we are in a stand or blind we have Ozonics units running overhead. But we were finding out the best practices and a couple of tricks in that initial testing year as effectively.

Initial, we all identified out that when we ran out of battery energy throughout all-day sits and stopped obtaining the occasional whiff of freshly developed ozone (comparable to the smell after a spring thunderstorm, where ozone is developed naturally), we felt utterly exposed.

We have been once once more subject to the vagaries of shifting winds. We all began packing multiple batteries, and then the following year Ozonics came out with the XL battery, which lasts up to eight empowering hours.

Second, we discovered how to correctly position the units above our heads, pointed downwind at a 45-degree angle to most effectively intermingle with our scent cone. In light or moderate winds, we had amazing scent-neutralizing outcomes in high winds it was somewhat much less effective, and ditto in really humid circumstances — but still light years ahead of becoming “unprotected.”

Ozonics Review

Set the Ozonics so the ozone flows out the window and downwind with your scent.

In a blind, it was practically nothing quick of phenomenal, akin to obtaining a personal cloaking device with you.

Third, we found that if we wore the unit strapped to the back of our packs pointed downward as we walked to and from our stands, we had been significantly limiting being detected when going to and from our stands by an easy 60 percent or more.

That in itself would make Ozonics worth the investment in my book, as I was obtaining betrayed routinely by my scent path, even when taking all the standard precautions of rubber boots, not touching foliage, and painstakingly deciding on routes to the stand that need to make me significantly less detectable.

The use of Ozonics to and from the stand actually helped avert early stand burnout — a huge advantage to all deer hunters, particularly these hunting tiny lots and grounds where there are not a lot of very good stand selections.

Fourth, we began experimenting with the units in spot-and-stalk scenarios (as had other individuals), and the results, given the crude rigging approaches we had been employing, have been really encouraging.

And stories from readers, outfitters, and guides came pouring in as properly. Some outfitters, like Nelson Outfitters in Sheridan, Wyoming, had been really building specialized strategies, techniques and a viable organization through their use, delivering clientele an incredibly efficient way to get close to animals even when hunting the same blind setups frequently.

An additional outfitter we know will not threat sending customers to their stands without having an Ozonics, so he supplies units for clientele along with a swift tutorial. Other outfitters ask in advance if their customers have units, and strongly encourage their every day use to avert stand burnout. A easy Google search will attest to users’ overwhelming belief and satisfaction with this technology.

We can argue the science all day extended, but the one science we believe in most is that which our own eyes see. When Curt Wells has a Coues deer doe and fawn six yards downwind of his blind for long minutes, he believes.

When our employees hunters have both whitetails and mule deer 360 degrees about their blind in the middle of an alfalfa field from 3 p.m. to dark, they think. And when a brown bear outfitter in Alaska says Ozonics has helped him get bears that are feeding on salmon closer to his client’s blind, he believes.

Plus, I can not don’t forget the final time a whitetail snorted at me when making use of Ozonics from a treestand. That’s massive. These are just a few examples of the actual-planet science that matters to us.

This previous season, Ozonics introduced a handful of new products that will boost our ability to go undetected. The new HR300 delivers up to 45-% greater ozone output than the established HR200 (and yes, at perfectly protected levels according to OSHA standards).

Other features consist of a considerably-requested AC power alternative (DC batteries for field use), so you can use the unit to clean clothing and gear with out needing a charged battery an enhanced user interface with lighted buttons that is simple to use with gloves on new Pulse Technology that balances time and oxidant concentration levels and a quieter fan.

Frankly, we’ve never discovered the fan on the HR200 to be overly conspicuous to ourselves, let alone a game animal, but quieter by no means hurts. And yes, there are eight-hour batteries available for all-day sits throughout the rut.

An additional new addition we are excited about is the new KiNETiC backpack, a objective-constructed pack that functions a devoted upper section on the shoulder straps designed to carry an Ozonics unit in the excellent position for use going to and from the stand — the place of the upper pack points the Ozonics exhaust of heavier-than-air ozone “mist” where you want it, shooting up and back so it can “fall down” onto your scent stream, rendering it indistinguishable to game.

The upper pack can be adapted to use with your preferred pack — or paired with the removable bottom pack section that has 1,300 cubic inches of storage, side pockets, and compression straps for bulky clothes or other gear like camera tripods. The KiNETiC is a effectively thought out, cohesive design that we will be testing extensively this fall.

One of the new products I’m searching forward to employing is the exclusive DRiWASH Bag, a heavy-duty, integrated hanging system that folds flat for storage and can be taken anyplace.

Unique baffles and a unit-holding pouch make fast perform of delivering ozone precisely exactly where it is required — on your clothes and gear. And the HR300’s pulse mode tends to make “washing” your scent-contaminated equipment precise, blending the concentration of ozone and time needed at the optimal mix.

“At Ozonics, our mission is to optimize the delivery of ozone for use as a scent-elimination tool pre-hunt, mid-hunt, and post-hunt,” Buddy Piland, marketing and advertising director at Ozonics, stated. “The development of Pulse Technologies and our new DRiWASH Bag supply the hunter with an innovative pre and post-hunt cleaning remedy that ensures all your hunting gear is cleaned and fully deodorized with out the danger of degradation. Our DRiWASH uses the excellent quantity of ozone…never as well considerably, and never ever as well little.”

If I were asked what single product or technologies has been the most helpful to my stand and blind hunting accomplishment over the final 5 years, it would very easily be an in-field ozone generator. Is it 100-% failsafe? No, nothing at all is.

But it will nearly constantly confuse an animal’s ability to method the level of threat for some time — clearly obfuscating his olfactory defenses — which could be all the time you need to have to send an arrow property.

Of course, each animal reacts differently to varying concentrations of scent, and winds can be fickle and strong, limiting the ability of ozone molecules to interact with odors. Extremely high humidity (95 percent plus) is not an environment that ozone does nicely in, but how often do you hunt in these conditions?

“The secret to successful scent elimination making use of ozone is a combination of two factors: time and concentration,” Piland stated. “The addition of the new HR300 to our lineup has functions that address the hard environmental challenges, such as higher than regular winds and high-humidity circumstances, by providing the hunter with 45 % much more ozone on demand. When appropriately applied, this minimizes the quantity of time human scent travels just before it is attacked by ozone, and it maximizes the concentration of ozone straight to your scent stream close to your setup, therefore reducing the quantity of environmental challenges that could exceed the unit’s capabilities.”

If you told any of our staff that they couldn’t use an Ozonics for their stand and blind hunting this year, they would have a meltdown.

Our cumulative employees hours spent in stands and blinds more than the final five years show Ozonics to be exceedingly successful, and it certainly enhances all your other scent countermeasures. You literally feel exposed if you don’t have it with you, and you pray a trophy does not show up downwind.

I killed the largest buck of my profession in a scenario where in-field ozone saved my hunt. Several other trophy deer that crossed my scent path also got a trip house in my truck thanks to Ozonics. Bowhunter Editor Curt Wells killed his greatest buck in the course of the rut even though protected by a “shower” of ozone below an Ozonics.

Publisher Jeff Waring killed his largest buck ever in a blind even though remaining undetected thanks to Ozonics. Assistant Editor Brain Fortenbaugh killed his biggest whitetail and mule deer whilst employing an Ozonics unit. Sales Manager Jeff Millar killed his most significant buck and mule deer whilst protected by Ozonics.

I could go on, but the fact is, you won’t think it unless you attempt it for your self.  Ozonics is absolutely liberating as it makes it possible for you to push the envelope in all types of setups that would otherwise end in blowing and snorts.

As Curt Wells is fond of saying, there are two types of hunters — those who haven’t tried Ozonics, and those who will never hunt with out it again. It is safe, powerful, works nicely in conjunction with your other scent-elimination methods, and it’s the closest issue we have to a cloaking device for hunting. And now it is available for on-the-go, spot-and-stalk applications as well.




Overview: Hornady Shackle Box and TriPoint Lock Boxes

Along with producing ammunition, reloading elements, and reloading gear, Hornady also delivers little safes or lock boxes for handguns.


Nowadays I’m seeking at two Hornady lock boxes the Shackle Box and the TriPoint Lock Box. They are basically the exact same size and shape, but the Shackle Box features a tough 1⁄8″ laser cut steel shackle that adjusts by way of two internal pins so you can attach the box to objects up to 3½” in diameter. It sort of acts like a giant padlock in that respect.

The TriPoint box features a 1500-lb-rated safety cable which can be looped in, around, or below a variety of immobile objects.


Instead of the standard single point locking mechanism you will discover on most economy lock boxes, both of these boxes have Hornady’s TriPoint system which locks at three areas. These boxes also have complete-length tamper-resistant hinges. The outcome is an incredibly safe secure box for the size and cost (about $ 40-$ 45).


These boxes are huge enough to hold 1 or 2 firearms (based on size) and give very good access to the firearms when opened. The doors are not spring-loaded for super-quickly access, but they are much more than adequate for securing your residence defense firearm.

Each Hornady Shackle Box and TriPoint Lock Boxes exceed the ASTM International overall performance requirements for youth resistant firearms containers and are created of 16 gauge steel.

What I like about these lock boxes is traveling with them. Although I normally keep in hotels that have in-space safes, sometimes I do not and this is exactly where these boxes come in handy. You can use either of these TSA-approved boxes to check your unloaded handgun when you fly. When you get to your location, you can also use them as your in-room or in-vehicle protected to safe your firearm and other valuables.

Depending on your nearby laws, it may possibly offer sufficient safety to fulfill necessary on-home firearm storage for church, school, and specific organization that restrict on-property firearms.


For less than $ 50, I believe each gun owner must have a single of these merely because it delivers a lot of flexibility even if you just want to have 1 in your truck or under your seat to secure your firearm before walking into church.


Shackle Box – Secured through a patent-pending ArmLock system attributes a 1⁄8″ laser cut, steel shackle that adjusts to accommodate objects up to 3½” in diameter. Item 98151, MSRP $ 45.91

TriPoint Lock Box – Secured by way of a safety cable that is rated to 1,500 lbs. Item 98152, MSRP $ 40.21

Manufacturer Specs

  • Made to exceed the ASTM International functionality standards for youth resistant firearms containers.
  • Constructed of 16-gauge steel, which is far superior to the 20-gauge steel utilized by other items on the industry.
  • Exterior: 10.25″x8″x2.75″
    Interior: 9.75″x7.5″x2.25″
  • Exceeds ASTM requirements for youngster resistance and protection from unauthorized access.
  • Meets TSA specifications for handgun safety in luggage
  • Market very first, patent pending TriPoint® locking system characteristics three points of get in touch with
  • 3 ½”-wide steel locking lugs
  • Padded interior
  • Perfect option for concealed carry permit holders


iCAST Overview: St. Croix Legend Casting Rods Perfect For Deep Crankbait Fishing

I’ve got a lot of fond memories fishing with St. Croix fiberglass rods. Some of my earliest and preferred spinning and bait-casting rods have been produced by this wonderful independent rod manufacturer headquartered in central Wisconsin. I nevertheless use a vintage 7-foot fiberglass fly rod with the St. Croix label, and well keep in mind a lot of evenings on trout streams in Pennsylvania, the Midwest and far West, when that rod served well on stream rainbows, browns, cutthroats and brookies.

Effectively St. Croix is back with a new premium line of “Legend Glass IPC Casting Rods,” and they have the very same deep and rich honey-brown colour their original rods had. The new rod line not only harks back to St. Croix’s fiberglass rod roots, but offer an benefit for some anglers who prefer a bit of a delay in rod sensitivity to improve hook-ups from fish (chiefly deep bass). For this cause crankbait anglers will be specifically pleased with this new rod line.

These modern day Legend Glass IPC Casting Rods function premium linear S-Glass blanks. Made to get rid of all transitional points in the rod blank, IPC rods function smoother actions, and enhanced strength, although 100 percent linear S-glass is  also stronger, lighter and larger in modulus than standard, woven E-glass rods. The final results are the ideal, higher-functionality fiberglass rods ever developed.

Fuji K Series Idea Tangle Totally free guides with Alconite rings and polished frames are ideal for super braid, mono and fluorocarbon lines. The sloped frames and rings on these premium guides operate to effectively shed line tangles before they can cause difficulties.

There are 4 new rods in the line, from medium to medium-heavy actions, measuring from just more than 7-feet to just under eight-feet in length.

Retail cost is about $ 250.


Overview: 2016 Bear Archery BR33

Bear Archery performs tough to meet the demands of its buyers, so when bowhunters spoke up and asked for a smoother version of its rapidly hybrid cam, the organization listened.


That brings us to the 2016 Bear BR33, which is packed with functions and technologies from prime to bottom. This involves the Max Pre Load Quad Limbs, HingeGuard cable containment technique, dual adjustable string suppressors, EAZ Hybrid cam technique and significantly far more.

EAZ Does It!
Bear engineers have been focused like a laser on producing an eccentric technique that combined the smooth draw of a single cam and the difficult-hitting power of a hybrid cam. The result was modified track designs and the all-new EAZ Hybrid cam system.

Bear advertises the all-new BR33 at 330 fps IBO on a 7-inch brace height and 80-percent technique letoff. IBO speeds are recorded with the bow set to a 30-inch draw and 70-pound draw weight, even though shooting a 350-grain arrow.


No bow press is required to adjust Bear’s DrawDial system, which attributes rotating modules that are moved to distinct draw lengths and locked down. Modules supply a range from 27-32 inches, capturing the lion’s share of all male bowhunters.

Cable draw stops on each cams are positioned in holes that match up with the draw length. Optional limb stops are provided for every single cam for those shooters who choose an further solid back wall.

Loaded Up
Bear’s Max Pre Load Quad Limbs serve to create the BR33’s energy while employing a past-parallel position to tame noise and vibration. Limbs are produced of Gordon glass and function a machined belly profile made to distribute tension across the whole limb, allowing increased stored power.


Limbs are matched into sets based on deflection values and offered in 45-60-pound and 55- 70-pound draw-weight choices.

The new aluminum CrossLock limb pocket system pivots throughout draw-weight adjustment for maximum handle. Limbs are also laterally controlled by the pocket sidewalls and in between-the-limb spacers. The general pocket is developed to give strength and assistance throughout the shot cycle, specifically exactly where high-anxiety points are expected. The program also incorporates a SonicBond vibration dampener.

Command Central
A huge number of the BR33’s attributes and elements are directly tied into the riser, which is comparatively long as compared to the bow’s 33 1⁄4-inch axle-to-axle length.


Bear’s near net forging procedure needs tiny post-production perform to prepared the aluminum platform for use. Normal Realtree Xtra Green is film dipped, even though strong finishes such as Shadow (black), Olive and Sand are powder coated. Every finish of the riser is broad, back to front, to give a platform for the massive limb pocket even though also adding strength, stiffness and stability.

Bear’s signature dual-position SonicStop string suppression system not only gives the business instant brand recognition but offsets the weight of accessories whilst speedily taming string oscillation at the shot. Bear’s HingeGuard has a cable-containment block attached to an aluminum mounting arm that is hinged off angle making use of a steel axle and Turcite bushings to manage the motion and position of the cables all through the shot cycle.


The objective, of course, is decreased torque although providing sufficient clearance for passing vanes. Also designed to lessen torque is the BR33’s injection-molded ABS plastic VersaGrip, which features a narrower throat and a soft, warm rubber overmold for comfort on cold days afield.

The Encounter
The BR33 is a solid all-about bow that holds tight to the target and is entertaining to shoot. By adding a quality stabilizer, I was capable to knock down the majority of low-level vibration and tiny jump at the shot.

Cold-climate archers will enjoy the warmth and comfort of the VersaGrip. It should also be noted that this bow tuned very easily and swiftly for excellent arrow flight.



G5 quietly tends to make some of the worlds greatest hunting bows, with rigs such as the 2016 Rize top the way. Primes flagship …



Elite Archery has been creating bows practically 10 years now. Though that still makes them a relative newcomer compared to m…

Petersen&#039s Bowhunting

Overview: Kidd ten/22 Custom Construct Components

In the globe of ten/22s there are many distinct categories, like “stock,” “upgraded” (where 1 or just a couple of elements are replaced), and “custom.” On custom ten/22s, couple of elements are left stock, including the receiver – and this is exactly where Kidd rules. Kidd is deemed as the best tier of custom 10/22s, and I contemplate the business founders to be gun sector rock stars for their contribution to and advancement of the 10/22 platform.

About Kidd

Kidd Revolutionary Style is located in McQuenney, TX and is run by Mary &amp Tony Kidd. In August of 2000, Kidd launched their site CoolGuyGuns.com with the now-famous Kidd 10/22 trigger. The Kidd trigger remains the most sophisticated and tunable 10/22 trigger offered anyplace.

Besides that, Kidd produces the highest–quality, most tastefully made and completed 10/22 parts accessible which regularly outshoot other people in the marketplace. Kidd’s understated design screams classy whilst delivering tiny tiny groups downrange which the guys with fancy purple barrels will drool more than. Set a Kidd element next to any other manufacturer’s element and you will see a level of refinement that can only come from the years of experience… each little detail is excellent and optimized for accuracy.

The Custom Kidd 10/22 Construct

I employed 4 vendors for this $ 1372 custom Kidd tack-driving rifle construct:

  • Kidd barrel, bolt, charging deal with, receiver pins, v-block, and trigger group.
  • Tactical Machining TM-ten/22 billet receiver
  • Boyd Tacticool Stock
  • Leupold VX-two three-9x33mm Rimfire Scope with Adjustable Objective


Kidd makes a fine receiver, but I currently had a gorgeous Tactical Machining billet 10/22 receiver ($ 129.99), which was begging for a project, so I utilized that as the base of the construct. This 7075 T6 billet receiver is precision milled from billet stock with an integrated extended picatinny rail and cleaning rod guide at the rear of the receiver.


Kidd Two Stage Trigger Assembly, 8oz/8oz, Red Flat Trigger ($ 306.90) — this is a full drop-in pre-tuned trigger group with an auto bolt release. Alternatives consist of pull weight, trigger blade style and color, magazine release style and housing color (black or silver). Honestly, I consider it is the greatest-feeling trigger I have ever utilised on any firearm, and it undoubtedly contributed to making it easy to punch tiny groups.


Kidd 18” Lightweight Barrel ($ 245) — Kidd has a assortment of barrel profiles, but the 18” Lightweight Barrel intrigued me. The barrel is created to provide all the positive aspects of a bull barrel at a reduced weight. The bull diameter of the stainless steel barrel extends for the first two inches, then actions down a little to .870” till the muzzle. An aluminum sleeve on the smaller sized-diameter portion of the barrel gives it the diameter of a bull barrel although weighing one pound much less.


Even though lighter than several bull barrels, it is nonetheless big enough to retain the stiffness for which bull barrels are preferred.


The Kidd Lightweight barrel is obtainable in black or silver, threaded or unthreaded muzzle, 16.five and 18 inches extended, and for yet another $ 33 you can get it with a muzzle brake. The barrels weigh 1 pound 14 ounces and two pounds respectively. I chose the 18” version for this create.

Kidd CNC 22 LR Bolt Assembly, Scalloped (apparently discontinued) — This is a precision CNC machined bolt created of 4140 tool steel and precision-tuned with a .0425″ headspace, .035″ firing pin protrusion hardened to 48c Rockwell for durability, and pinned firing pin for consistent ignition.


This bolt assembly has a radiused and polished bolt finish for enhanced cycling and a tuned firing pin and extractor to improve ignition and extraction. I sprung for the scalloped bolt which does practically nothing for accuracy, but tastefully adds a little style to the develop.

Kidd Threaded Receiver Pin Kit ($ 21.99) &amp V-Block ($ 22) — Kidd’s V-block is such a gorgeous part in and of itself that you hate to cover it up with the stock. Interestingly, Kidd recommends only a nominal 10 foot-pounds of torque on the barrel retainer bolts, as they think anything far more affects accuracy.


KIDD Bolt Handle Charging Assembly With Guide Rod &amp Springs ($ 29.95) — The stock 10/22 compatible KIDD Cocking Assembly is offered in either black or silver and is partially wrapped with a Viton cushion for improved comfort in the course of fast charging. If you do not want the Viton, other finishes are available.

The included guide rod is precision ground and produced from hardened tool steel which is held to 2/ten,000″ tolerance throughout its length. The guide rod is then nitride treated which offers its surface a 70C Rockwell (tougher than a file) surface hardness for extremely smooth cycling.

The assembly also contains 3 springs in varying tensions for normal, subsonic ammo, or 17HM2 ammo. In order to assure cycling with Wolf common velocity ammo, I installed the subsonic spring. If you are having cycling troubles with your custom build this is the cocking assembly to get.


Boyd Tacticool Stock ($ 92) — Following the black tie theme, I decided on the Boyd Tacticool stock. Despite the fact that it appears like a synthetic stock, it is truly laminated hardwood with black textured paint.


Leupold VX-two 3-9X33mm Rimfire Ultralight Scope with Adjustable Objective ($ 399.99) — The Leupold Ultralight VX-2 line is especially developed for use with rimfire cartridges and attributes multi-coated super clear optics, blackened lens edges to decrease glare, quick focus eyepiece, and most importantly an adjustable objective. To maximize accuracy, a scope with an adjustable objective is crucial to tune parallax and the features of this Leupold scope fit the bill completely for even ten yard shooting.


Kidd 10/22 Barrel &amp Trigger Fit, Feel, Finish, &amp Attributes

The Kidd two stage trigger enables virtually every aspect of the trigger to be controlled and tuned, and the two-stage operation signifies that the pull weight is evenly spread out over every single stage of the pull. In contrast to stock polymer trigger housings, Kidd precision-machines every trigger housing from 6061 T6 aluminum. All internal components are wire EDM cut. The triggers are completed with Kidd’s signature red powder coating, but are also offered in black as properly.

Honestly, unless you are developing a dedicated one hundred yard benchrest gun, I would go no lighter than the one particular I have, as this 1-pound (8oz+8oz) pull is a mighty light trigger and it is about 1 to two pounds lighter than any other trigger group I have tested.

Kidd barrels are machined from barrel blanks that are bored and rifled by Lothar Walther in Germany, then sleeved with a permanently-attached anodized aluminum tube and hand-lapped. This creates an extremely rigid and durable barrel while keeping unparalleled accuracy for a barrel in this weight class.

An critical note is that Kidd barrels are chambered to accept .22 LR ammo — they’re not extended sufficient for CCI Stingers — and they have a 1:16 twist. The special convex extractor slot eliminates extraction troubles by guaranteeing the extractor is usually in excellent alignment with the case rim and Kidd is the only manufacturer that requires the expense and time to do this operation. Every barrel receives a beautiful 11 degree crown and the double ring logo at the muzzle which does practically nothing for accuracy, but it does look cool.

Functioning Expectations Of A Premium Match Chamber

Break-in is necessary. I had some functioning troubles by way of the 1st 1000 rounds of ammo, but beyond that break in, I rarely have malfunctions.


The beauty of Kidd components is they allow you to shoot like a superhero without breaking a sweat. Clearly you want to master the fundamentals of shooting first, but if you do, these components will deliver tiny groups effortlessly. A buddy of mine is a great shot though not as seasoned as I am, and he was easily drilling sub -half-inch groups at fifty yards. It is a rifle that is effortless to shoot well.

This is a .25” grouping gun at 50 yards and it does it even with significantly less-expensive top quality ammo. In the course of initial accuracy testing my best group was a gorgeous .214” group at 50 yards with Wolf ammo and that is hardly pricey ammo. Even my worst group was only .866” and the 50-yard typical of all rounds tested was .442”. With Lapua Center-X and Exact I am capable to get into the .1x” groups.

Final Thoughts

Maybe so a lot of think extremely of Kidd due to the fact of the tiny groups they consistently shoot for everybody, not just the excellent shooters. What ever the purpose, Kidd has flourished and consistently runs into backorders in spite of having moved and expanded manufacturing to handle the demand.

My Kidd build is an exceptional rifle in good quality, accuracy, match and finish and I truly realize why everybody puts Kidd out front of the 10/22 pack.


  • $ 1372 develop
  • Kidd barrel, bolt, charging manage, v-block, and trigger group.
  • Tactical Machining TM-ten/22 billet receiver
  • Boyd Tacticool Stock
  • Leupold VX-two 3-9x33mm Rimfire Scope with Adjustable Objective


Overview: 2016 Diamond Archery Edge SB-1

The all-new Edge SB-1 by Diamond Archery is a highly versatile bow that combines super simple setup with deadly serious bowhunting performance.

The Edge SB-1’s versatility is delivered via the all-new EZ-Adjust System that makes it simple to set up the bow for any shooter with a draw length from 15-30 inches and draw weight from 7-70 pounds.

Diamond-Edge-SB-1-bowDiamond even developed a dedicated website with how-to videos that help archers get set up properly and learn solid shooting techniques.

Meanwhile, the Edge’s serious performance is delivered via a synchronized binary cam system (courtesy of parent company Bowtech) that produces an IBO arrow speed rating of 318 feet per second off a platform that features a 31-inch axle-to-axle length, 3.6-pound mass weight, 7-inch brace height and 80 percent letoff.


To help give you a sense of just how simple the Edge SB-1 is to use, Diamond sent me a demo unit last week and asked me to let my family give it a try. Here’s what we found:

Shooting “Out of the Box”
Upon removing the Diamond Archery Edge from the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find the bow set at a 29-inch draw length and ready to shoot.


The $ 449 Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 comes as a complete package that includes an Apex Gear sight, Octane Hostage Max rest, 5-inch Octane Ultra-Lite stabilizer, Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver, Diamond wrist sling and installed nocking loop and carbon peep sight.

The only item not pre-installed on my demo bow was the peep sight, because I told Diamond I wanted my wife and two sons to try the bow before I finalized a setup for one of them.


Without adjusting a thing, I grabbed some arrows and had Toby, my 12-year-old, sling a few arrows at a target from close range. The bow performed flawlessly.

EZ-Adjust System
One of the best things about the Edge SB-1 is how easy it is to modify. After Toby took his turn, all I had to do to get the bow ready for my wife Lindell was remove three setscrews from the top and bottom cam modules, move the modules from the 29-inch setting to the 26-inch setting and re-insert the screws.


Each available draw length – from 15-30 inches, in half-inch increments – is clearly marked on the cam modules, which align with a tuning mark etched into the cam. The entire process took about two minutes, and just like Toby, Lindell was able to shoot the bow with no problem whatsoever.

Finally, I simply repeated the draw-length adjustment process for Timmy, my 10-year-old, by again removing the module screws, sliding the modules from the 26-inch setting to the 23-inch setting and re-inserting the screws.

Adjusting the modules is so easy I was able to have all three shooters use the bow in a matter of about 15 minutes.

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned anything about adjusting draw weight – and that’s because I never needed to! Keep in mind draw weight is directly related to draw length, with a range of adjustability for each draw-length setting.


On the demo Diamond Archery Edge, the draw weight right out the box – with the draw length set at 29 inches – was 33 pounds. Although Toby can handle more weight, this was fine for our test shoot, and when I adjusted the draw length for my other family members, the draw weight dropped to 29 pounds at 26 inches and 27 pounds at 23 inches without ever having to adjust the limb bolts.

That said, adjusting draw weight on the Edge SB-1 is even easier than adjusting draw length, because you only have to turn one screw instead of three! To increase draw weight, simply turn the limb bolts in. And to reduce draw weight, turn them out.


That’s it; and there are decals on both limb pockets with hash marks that match to tuning marks on the bow’s riser so that shooters can easily monitor their progress as they increase or decrease draw weight.

The Bottom Line
With a retail price under $ 450, wide range of adjustability, respectable performance specs, out-of-the-box shootability, ease of use, dedicated support website and finish options that include Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, BlackOps (black), Electric Purple and Electric Blue, the Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 is a great choice for new shooters – especially youngsters who are still growing – regardless of whether they have an interest in bowhunting or just want to shoot for fun.

Petersen's Bowhunting

HiperFire HiperTouch EDT and EDT2 AR15 Trigger Overview

HiperFire has been creating top quality AR15 triggers for a although now, and their HiperTouch 24C triggers are well-known amongst 3-gun shooters. But what about their decrease-priced EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger) and EDT2 triggers?


Simply because both the EDT and EDT2 are rated to have trigger pull weights in excess of 4.five pounds more than extended use, they are authorized as NRA Match Service Rifle, LEO, and military replacement trigger alternatives. Often, these folks are stuck with “tuning up” a mil-spec trigger, which can lead to reliability and safety troubles.

The EDT style does not feature the additional spring cam of other HiperTouch triggers, but retains other features of them. EDT and EDT2 triggers each have HiperFire’s improved sear alignment for a flat crisp trigger feel, mass-centered hammer for more quickly lock time, and larger-than-standard hammer fall energy–all while supplying the user a much better trigger feel with a 4.5+lb or 5.five+lb trigger pull.  

EDTs have an open disconnector channel, which allows the disconnector to self-clean debris out of an region of the trigger group that usually gets gunked up. The rear of the trigger is upswept to prevent prospective interference ought to a primer or some other debris enter the trigger assembly.  

Due to the upswept rear of the trigger, EDT customers will need to be careful with aftermarket non-mil-spec selectors. For instance, the Seekins Precision 90/45 degree security selector can normally be installed with either a 90-degree or 45-degree selector throw, but with the EDT trigger it can only be installed in the 45-degree configuration.

Since the EDT line is primarily focused on men and women who want to comply with LEO, National Match, and military needs, I think it is unlikely that such consumers will be fiddling with aftermarket selector switches anyhow, but it’s good to be aware.


Trigger pull weights on both the EDT and EDT2 can be changed employing the two integrated springs, rated at 4.five+ and five.five+ pounds. The springs are colour-coded for simple identification.

When it comes to installation, most of the time HiperFire triggers do not call for you to take away the security selector (which requires the removal of the grip). So if you can get your existing trigger out with no removing these components, installation of the EDT can be completed with relative ease.

As soon as installed, I thought the trigger pull was pretty wonderful for an $ 89 (EDT) or $ 94 (EDT2) trigger. I tested the EDT2 on a Stag Arms AR15, which had a extremely heavy 9+lb trigger according to my Timney trigger gauge. With the lighter spring installed, my pull was just over four.five pounds–and a quite delightful trigger pull it was. I also tested the heavier spring that measured just under 6 pounds with the exact same wonderful HiperFire feel.


EDT vs. EDT2

The EDT trigger was created to supply AR15 shooters an low-cost trigger with enhanced trigger feel, lighter trigger pull, and lowered lock time–all while maintaining mil-spec hammer fall power.

The EDT2 is essentially the identical as the EDT, but with a heavier hammer to create a harder strike for these employing ammo with hard primers. Though this makes the lock time of the EDT2 slower than the EDT, it’s nonetheless considerably faster than a stock fire handle technique.

In comparing my EDT2 trigger to other sub-$ 100 AR triggers, I’d have to say that the HiperFire EDT line is a excellent value and provides the greatest trigger feel of them all.

Final Thoughts

The EDT line may find itself overshadowed by HiperFire’s best-tier HiperTouch 24 triggers, but it shouldn’t. The EDT loved ones delivers value and overall performance for the person who does not need to refinement or greater price of the HiperTouch 24 line.

In my opinion, EDT triggers are a fantastic deal, and it’s possibly the ideal trigger you will discover for much less than $ 150. Not to mention that it’s an authorized upgrade for NRA Match, LEO, and Military competitors.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Drop-In “AR15” Fire-Handle for .223/five.56 NATO, 300 BLK, 6.5/6.eight w/ US Primers
  • Enhanced Duty Trigger
  • two User-Adjustable Trigger Weights of 4½+ and 5½+ lbs
  • Single Stage, Semi-Auto
  • For Normal AR Lower Receivers Making use of Little Pins of .154-inch Diameter
  • “Hint” of Creep, Slightly Shorter Travel to Break from Moment of Reset
  • Clean Break, Very best-In-Class Quick/Constructive Reset
  • Faster Hammer Lock-Up than Stock, MIL-spec Strike Power
  • Heat-Treated Alloy Steels
  • Installs with no Removal of the Security Selector
  • US Patent 9,175,917, Other folks Pending
  • Made Entirely in the USA by Americans