Hunting Accidents and Security

It was a not very good month for hunting accidents in Mississippi. Since the very first of final January there had been two fatal hunting accidents within the Delta National Forest north of Vicksburg. A single accident was during a deer hunt and the second was in the course of a waterfowl hunt, obviously not connected. Each accidents are nevertheless under investigation by the state wildlife officials.

The 1st tragic hunting accident occurred during a father-son deer hunt in the national forest. Each hunters have been out-of-state residents of Louisiana. The Delta National Forest is a popular hunting place for all kinds of hunting like deer hunting and exceptional duck hunting, so lots of hunters can be found within the area throughout open seasons.

Certain information have not been released on the deer hunting incident, but the father allegedly accidentally shot his son during the deer hunt. As taught for the duration of all hunter education classes, 1 of the major guidelines of gun hunting is to positively recognize the target ahead of releasing the safety to shoot. By no means shoot at movements, shadows or other targets that have not been identified.

Also when hunting with higher powered deer rifles, make certain of what lies beyond the target you are shooting at. In no way knowingly shoot if there could be a farmhouse, vehicles, or other hunters in an location downrange of your position. Do not climb into a tree stand with a loaded weapon and hold your finger off the trigger until you are definitely prepared to shoot.

Numerous deer hunting accidents occur when a hunter blunders a movement or bush shaking or a sound in the woods for a game animal when it could be an additional hunter. This is an additional explanation to usually put on necessary hunter orange hunting garments to alert other folks of your presence in the woods. In most states at least 500 square inches of uninterrupted orange is to be worn. This most frequently means an orange jacket or vest and an orange hunting hat or cap.

In another hunting accident duck hunters were overturned in their duck hunting boat when striking a stump in a flooded lake prior to daylight. Initial reports indicated that the hunters did not have any lights or PFD life jackets on at the time of the incident.

One particular of the young duck hunters falling out of the boat apparently had his wader boots fill with water causing him to sink in the deep lake water resulting in a drowning. Once more, duck hunters need to wear life vests and use other safety procedures to move safely in the dark in a duck boat.

Review: New Crossbow Security Harness

Crossbow hunting has hit such a rise in popularity that a firm has made a tree stand harness especially for timber-leading hunters using such primitive weapons.

The new Hunter Safety System (HSS) Crossbow Harness is  comfortable, easy-to-use, rugged, and ideal of all — affordable.

Designing a sturdy harness particularly created for crossbow shooters tends to make excellent sense, because unlike conventional compound or lengthy bows, crossbows have troubles related to cocking the bow while hunting from an elevated position.

When a crossbow is cocked, a tree stand safety harness tether strap typically falls in front of a hunter, which not only is frustrating but may possibly tangle with in a crossbow or harm a scope.

To remove this difficulty, HSS has added a Tether Stow Strap to its harness that safely secures a tether when bow cocking.

Yet another well-designed feature of the new harness is a deep zippered pocket designed to accommodate a cocking rope to avoid tangles with other gear.

HSS has also equipped the harness with a range finder cord to attach a variety finder to maintain it out of the way, and safe from dropping to the ground.

Made on the well-liked HSS Hybrid Flex chassis, the new HSS Crossbow Harness characteristics a 1.25-inch upper-physique webbing, shock absorbing tether and waist buckle. The person, padded hexagon shoulder straps provide comfort and maximum flexibility, plus plenty of pockets.

Weighing just 2.5 lbs., the new HSS Crossbow Harness meets existing market requirements recognized by the Treestand Producers Association, and retails for $ 130.